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Tile Trouble

I asked the contractor who did my lanai floor if he could also do my bedrooms and kitchen floor. My living room and hallway have wood-looking laminate, but the other rooms have stick-down linoleum tiles. He said yes, but that I should do tile in the kitchen instead of laminate.

I have been looking, and I found a good laminate for the bedrooms, but was having a lot of trouble finding a tile for my kitchen. Until yesterday. Yesterday I found the PERFECT tile for the kitchen. It’s the same tile that is in my bathroom shower. And it’s just the right color! Awesome!

I can’t believe how well it matches the paint colors for my kitchen!

But then I found out that it isn’t in stock at the Home Depot here in Maui. And then I found out that no Home Depot has it in stock. Dang. If anybody has good google-fu and some time on your hands, maybe you could find a source… the tile is MSI brand Metro tile in charcoal color.

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  1. Lauren

    I’m glad I read all the way to the end before commenting, because I was going to congratulate you on your perfect score. Dang it – can’t you just clone that one??

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