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Jade Tree

I have been puttering around on my lanai when I get home from school. I’m doing lots of rearranging, and some re-potting too. One of the things I’ve repotted is a jade plant I’ve been growing for a while. It fell over, then the stem rooted some more. It looked kind of wind-swept, and a little tree-like, so I decided to put it in a bonsai pot.

After I potted it, I remembered I had a grass-like looking thing I got when my mom was here. I pulled it into smaller pieces and planted it around the jade to look like clumps of grass or bushes.

I’m not entirely happy with the look of the jade, but I’ll keep fussing with it. I think as it gets older and the stem gets thicker, it will look more and more like a tree.

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  1. Lauren

    Oh, it’s adorable! I think you might be a little too particular, because that looks exactly like a little tree with shrubs around it. So sweet!

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