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Friday Fish and Friends

We had started a regular happy hour tradition after school a couple of months ago, but October had no Fridays in it. The first two weeks were off, the next two Fridays were off or shortened, and the last Friday was our trunk-or-treat.

Yesterday, we finally got back to it. It was really nice. It was a smaller group of us this time, but we talked and laughed a lot.

We went to a place that has a fishpond in front. While I was waiting for the others to arrive, I watched the fish. It made me miss my old pond in Baltimorel

And then I noticed there was a cat at the edge of the pond! Ha!


  1. Lauren

    That cat gets to have Friday every day! 🙂

  2. Carol

    Hmmm…you mean to tell us you LEFT those koi in the pond on Evergreen when you moved?? Wonder how long they grieved your departure or even how long they lived after you moved away. You read of humans deserting pets all the time, but I never thought…

    …what?…………you didn’t see any way to safely carry them in luggage/on planes all that way because the TSA has rules about how much and from where came any liquid one can carry with them on board??? Well, then…

    …..never mind. Hope the pond outside the restaurant brought only fond memories.

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