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Wishy Washy

Yesterday I mostly stayed home, but I plan to go out to the stores today. I don’t really have anything specific in mind, but one thing I know I won’t be getting is a bigger washer and dryer.

There was one on clearance at Lowe’s, and I agonized over the decision to get it or not. It was half price because it had a huge dent in the front of it. It also had a higher capacity.

But it is 30 inches deep instead of 27 inches. That won’t fit in my bathroom (my laundry spot) without some major retrofitting. On top of that, clearance items aren’t eligible for delivery or installation. How would I lift it up the stairs to my house and get the old machine out?

I decided the time and hassle was not worth the savings.

Maybe I’ll see something today though… Happy Black Friday!


  1. Lauren

    You made the right decision. Too big, too much trouble, and too unwieldy. It’s fun to think about, though!

    I am not a Black Friday shopper, but I do have two things that I’d like to buy today – some tree lights for school and a cat tree for my stupid cats who are wrecking my furniture. Is there a time of day when the crowds settle down?

    • Brad

      I would say that later in the day is better.

  2. Lauren

    Again – you are UP?!?

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