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I Did a Thing!

I feel like I have a dozen projects going on at home right now. I absolutely LOVE home improvement projects, so this should be really fun, but it’s all coming at once, so I’m terribly unfocused. I work on something for a little while, then go out to Home Depot to get something, and see a thingamajig I need for another project, and then my list gets a little longer instead of getting shorter. My phone is full of “before” pictures.

But yesterday I actually finished something! Woo hoo! I wanted to replace the light over my little dining table area. The old one was dim, and kind of generic-looking. I found a nice replacement online. It’s been sitting on the floor for a couple of weeks, but yesterday I installed it. Yay, Brad!

Before and after:


  1. Carol

    That seems much brighter – now you’ll actually be bale to identify what you’re eating, I imagine. Nicely done, sir!

    • Carol

      You know I intended to type “be ABLE to see”, right?

  2. Lauren

    That looks amazing! I have mad respect for people who can deal with electricity, and you are definitely on that list. 😀

  3. Lloyd

    I really like the new fixture, and really dislike the old fixture, so my net satisfaction with this change is through the roof.

  4. Debbie

    Waaaay better! Yay you!

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