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Session Day

Yesterday was the main conference day. We started the morning with a bible study. The speaker was very dynamic.

Then we went to various breakout sessions.

In the afternoon, I went to the vendor booths. The Concordia Seward booth was particularly fun because I got free stuff for being an alumnus.

One session I went to was really for administrators, but it was fascinating for me to listen in as they discussed school identity. I also enjoyed a session that was just school music people sitting in a circle and chatting. Very fun.

In the evening, we had the formal banquet. My school took up one and a half tables. The other half of the one table was used by my old school from Maui! Ha! So fun to sit with my old friends and my new friends.

Also, the food was delicious.

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  1. Lauren

    What a great, refreshing boost to your year! I am glad that these conferences exist and that people in the same (or at least similar) boat can connect with each other. 😀

    (That cheesecake looks scrumptious!)

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