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Doctor Destination

Happy Thanksgiving! Yay!

Yesterday was a day off. I spent most of it just resting. The conference was more tiring than I thought.

In the afternoon, I went to the doctors office. I’ve been trying to establish myself as a patient with all the various medical care people – vision, dental, primary care doctor. It’s exhausting. Anyway, yesterday I went to get some baseline blood tests done. I also wanted to get some vaccinations.

The medical care facility I went to is huge. There are several buildings on one property. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find anything. Fortunately, I parked near the blood draw place, which was also the pharmacy place. I got my blood tests AND my cholesterol medicine. Nice!

But when it was time for the walk-in vaccinations, I wasn’t so lucky. The lengthy blood and pharmacy times (and my delay in starting the whole thing) meant I was too late for the vaccine people. Darn. I’ll have to do that another day…

All the buildings in this picture are part of the same complex.

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  1. Lauren

    Good for you! (And sorry about the vaccinations) I think it’s a good idea to get baseline blood tests done, and you are inking others to do the same. (Me)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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