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A Nice Note

When the middle school comes in for recess, the lower grades go out. As I was coming up the stairs to go inside, one of the fifth grade girls handed me a wadded up index card. Here is what she wrote on it:

Oh my goodness! My eyes got watery. It was so sweet! I asked the fifth grade teacher if she had assigned the kids to write notes as part of Thanksgiving or something. She said that girl is just nice like that.

I wrote her a thank you note and left it on her desk while she was outside. I told her she made my day, and that I was looking forward to having her in class.


  1. Lauren

    Well, that is just the nicest thing ever! Kudos to that girl’s parents for raising a delightful human being! I am in awe of such kindness, and so glad you are a recipient. 🙂

    There is hope!

  2. Carol

    Now I even got a bit watery reading this, Brad. Notes like that – particularly “unassigned” ones – make all the heartache, effort, sleepless nights, planning, sweat, and tears worth it. No paycheck can compare or even measure the impact you’ve already made on this gal who isn’t even under your direct tutelage.

    Yes…God bless you, today and always!!

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