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Scuffed Shoe

As I was sitting in teacher devotions yesterday morning, I noticed a scuffed area on my shoe:

What an odd pattern of scuffing. What could possibly have caused that? I don’t drag the top of my toes on the ground when I walk. It’s my driving foot, but I checked on the way home – it’s not happening as I drive. Do I put my feet under something during the day? My desk?

I have no idea what this is from.

Also, I need to get some shoe polishing supplies.


  1. Ann Bergman

    Do you go down on one knee by a student’s desk to help him or her? Paul got the same kind of mark on one shoe more than the other and we finally figured out that was the cause of his shoe markings.
    Have a blessed day! We still have “school dreams” many nights, after 6 years retired!

    • Brad

      Hi Ann! Thank you for the idea, but I don’t think it was me kneeling. I don’t think I’ve ever knelt in my classroom – it would be too hard for me to get up again! Ha!

      • Ann Bergman

        Ha ha! Too true! We learned to always kneel in a location where one could push up and off from the desk or a bookshelf or whatever was close without being too very obvious.

  2. Lauren

    You don’t need shoe shine supplies, you just need to visit the airport in Denver every week or so. 😉

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