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Fortunate Find

I’m playing for church every Sunday now, and my collection of “incidental” music is just too small. I play a prelude and some music during the offering each week. I just don’t have enough in my little collection of books.

The balcony at my church has boxes and boxes of music in it. Most of it looks like choir music. I will need to organize and catalog that some day. But I went up there to poke around a little and found this:

It’s a whole bunch of music based on hymn tunes! Yay! I haven’t put them in order, but I think it’s the whole series. I’ll have music to play for ages!


  1. Deborah


  2. Lauren

    That is a windfall – hooray! How nice that you don’t have to search for something now. 🙂

  3. Kristi

    That is a good series. It’s a terrific find.

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