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Lincoln Loitering

I went into Lincoln yesterday to meet up with Samith. Since Lloyd was going in early to work at school, I went along with him.

Samith and I had breakfast together. I had some delightful biscuits and gravy. Then we shopped around a little. I was looking for floss because I left mine in LA. While we were in Whole Foods, we saw somebody who dresses just like Lloyd. It was uncanny.

Lloyd finished shortly after noon, and we went back to Seward, where we had pizza dinner with the family.

And I did get my regular Tom’s of Maine floss. I also got a new kind of floss brand called Burst. It’s in a fancy container.

The floss itself is kind of… thick? fuzzy? It’s interesting. I used it last night and kind of liked it. It was expensive though, so I’m not sure if I’ll switch…

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  1. Lauren

    Such fancy floss! Your teeth will be so pampered, you’ll never go back!

    I like the ‘spot the difference’ Lloyd doppelgänger. I’ll go first – no glasses, and shorty socks. Otherwise, I guess I’m a polygamist……

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