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Aquatic Attraction

Bruno has been fascinated with the tub when there is water in it. When I turn the water on for my shower (and before I pull the diverter to make the shower start), Bruno actually jumps into the tub and walks around in the water. It made me wonder what he would do if the tub was filled with water.

Bruno likes being in water! He stayed in for a long time. His biggest issue was that he kept looking down, and his nose would go in the water, and he’d sort of “sneeze” the water out of his nose.

I may try putting a little more water in. On the internet, I’ve seen cats up to their chins in the tub water, and kind of swim-walking around. Could be fun!


  1. Carol

    Maybe he’s part catFISH? That IS fun – one of our former cats went into our neighbor’s in-ground pool one day (unintentionally, though) and was quite humble for a while afterward. Glad Bruno is training for aquatic events already – I can see Olympic gold in his future!

  2. Lauren

    Awwwww…… a swimmy kitty! He is so sweet!! <3

    Try to keep that up through adulthood. Our cats loved it as babies but lost interest along the way.

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