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Corn and Container

I got some corn from the farmer’s market this past weekend. It wasn’t the sweetest I’ve tasted, but it was fresh corn-on-the-cob. Mmmm… You can hardly get more summery than that! I had it for dinner:

Side note: Bruno likes butter. I think he’s more like Max than Gus in that respect – he likes people food.

Here’s a thing you might not know – I didn’t. California people have three rubbish bins – one for miscellaneous trash, one for mixed recycling, and one for green waste. I put the husks and the cobs in my green bin.


  1. Karla

    My office has 3 different types of garbage too! There’s the confidential garbage that goes in the locked shred bins. Then there’s the food garbage that goes out daily. And lastly the desk garbage that is held for a week, just in case you threw away something you shouldn’t have. It’s complicated.

    • Lauren

      That last one is brilliant.

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