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Plant Problems

The vegetables in my back yard are not doing so well. My cucumber plants are drying up. I think they have a fungus or mildew. My tomato plant has bugs all over it. Yuck.

The search software on my phones picture app say that these bugs are leptoglossus zonatus bugs aka leaffooted bugs. The internet says they use their needle-like mouthparts to suck the juice out of plants – in this case my tomatoes. I’ve sprayed them with water, cut they keep coming back. I need to kill them I think …or just let them eat my tomatoes.


  1. Lauren

    While I am very sorry about your tomatoes, I have to say that you took an amazing close-up shot of them!

    If you sprayed them with vodka, would that kill them? The tomatoes would still be fine, right?

    • Carol

      …and the bugs would die with smiles on their faces…prob’ly…

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