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Arr! Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It was a busy day yesterday. After school there was a Call Committee meeting. Then I was late for my exercise appointment on zoom. After that I watched a little tv, then went to bed. Other than that, not much to report for my day.

The sunrise was nice yesterday. Here’s a picture:


  1. Lauren

    Arrrghh, matey, thanks fer the update! You’ve hijacked my school day now, and I thank ye fer it! Time for the little to learn about ‘Rrr, Matey’ and the best joke. What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? R? No, ye’d think that, but his first love is the C. 😉

  2. Carol

    Thurman just reminded me what day today is so I RAN to the Chromebook to check in with this blog – you never disappoint, friend! Go shiver a few timbers, hoist a few mainsails, and basically pillage and plunder to celebrate the day. (Well, okay, maybe not so much plundering and pillaging. That can get messy…)

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