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Baking Bruno

It was chilly yesterday. In the morning, I was actually cold! How fun! I’ve gotten out some space heaters at home. one of them is in the living room. I use it a little, but the most frequent user is Bruno.

It’s supposed to get warmer in the next few days, but winter is coming. (Apparently, that’s a saying from Game of Thrones, but I never watched it – I’ve just seen it on internet memes.)


  1. Kristi

    He is certainly getting bigger. That pose makes him look so L-O-N-G.

    Also, he looks like he’s guarding the heat. “Get your own, buddy.”

  2. Carol

    His expression says “You told me when we moved here it would be warm, like Hawaii. That was a large part of the deal,on my end at least. What gives here??”

  3. Lauren

    Now that’s a Glamour Shot.

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