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Bruno Bath

I’m in San Diego today at our Lutheran Educators Conference. When I get back on Tuesday, I’ll drive straight to the airport to pick up my mom. She’s visiting for Thanksgiving! Yay!

The tight turnaround means I had to have my house ready for a visit before I left, and on the list of things to clean was Bruno. I gave him a bath yesterday.

He likes to have something to play with in the water. His usual bath toy is a dried orchid flower.


  1. Lauren

    Awwww… you do have an aquarium at home!

  2. Carol

    How often does Bruno need to be bathed anyway? Good for him – personal hygiene is important for everyone.

    Greetings to Elaine – enjoy the visit! The Freys are thankful for all the Royuks – Thanksgiving blessings!

  3. Elaine Royuk

    Enjoy the conference!! I know the Maui people are attending.
    And you are amazing to make the house guest ready!! I would appreciate any house condition – well mostly!
    Soooo anxious to see you!!!

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