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Floor Fuzzy

I forgot to take a picture of the final touch in my closet – the rug.

I often just dress in the closet since it’s so big, and my bare feet have been cold on the floor. I found myself at IKEA on Sunday, and thought I’d find a rug there.

What really caught my eye was a full-on, real, bona fide sheepskin. But it was too expensive for just a closet rug. Instead, I got a fake sheepskin. It was one-fourth the cost. It’s not really what I would choose looks-wise, but it feels good on my bare feet.

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  1. Lauren

    I think that was the right call – small enough to shake out if needed, and just right for standing on for that morning task. I’m actually a fan of small bathroom rugs, too – I’m not walking all around in there.

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