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Birthday, Day Two

It was a really nice birthday yesterday. The eighth graders were supposed to go on a field trip, but they didn’t, so I got them donuts again. We had a nice sugary breakfast and hung out a little for morning homeroom time. And then Sam brought me another donut. It was called the “Homer Simpson” donut:

Ha! I waited until the seventh graders came into the room, and I sliced it up and gave them pieces. Several of them gave me nice notes.

In the afternoon, I had a pizza lunch and watched Godspell with the eighth graders. None of them had seen it before. They thought it was weird, but I think they liked it.

In the evening, I hosted my regular Bible study group. It was a great ending to the day.

Today is a teacher-only day at school. Yet another wonderful gift! The gift of time…


  1. Carol

    Looks like a wonderful day – any day where you get hand-made cards from students that acknowledge your taste in ties has to be a good one, right? And from where-ever did that doughnut come?!

    Happy 13th anniversary of our 39th, friend – and many more, deo volente.

  2. Lauren

    Well, that is just the most spectacular birthday one could have! And now you get to have a day of semi-relaxation! (I know it’s still work.)

    That donut is the most hilarious thing ever. 😀

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