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Pink Pen

I had yesterday off for Lincoln’s birthday, and I have Monday off for Presidents Day. I was going to procrastinate doing school work until the end of the weekend, like I would normally do, but I had bad school-dreams Thursday night into Friday morning. So I got up and went to school.

I’ve been using a pink pen to grade, and it ran out yesterday while I was working. I went to my desk to get a pen to replace it, and the only suitable pen I found was… pink! Ha! I guess I’ll be using pink for a while longer.

I finished my grading. I have some planning and organizing to do still. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow after church. Or maybe Monday. I do like to procrastinate…

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  1. Lauren

    Yay! Good for you! Now you have some guilt-free time ahead of you (after the organizing) Lloyd got up really early on Friday to finish some grading. It was weird seeing him already up.

    Also, big fan of gel pens, too. Love the pink!

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