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Amazing Artichokes

This is a busy week. I have evening commitments Monday through Friday. Yesterday was only Tuesday, but I was already feeling it. When I stopped at the grocery store to get something for chapel this morning, I saw some big, beautiful artichokes, so I got some.

I had one for dinner. It was delicous.

It was a little hard to scrape the leaves with my teeth, because the bottom front ones are missing. I sort of had to bite with the side of my mouth.

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  1. Lauren

    I didn’t think about your teeth -that would be tricky, indeed. At least you had a delicious dinner! I am sorry for your packed evenings. 🙁

    Facebook keeps showing me a recipe for beurre monté sauce – cold butter whisked into boiling water. I couldn’t think of a use for it, but maybe artichokes……. (Recipe: https://lifehacker.com/beurre-monte-recipe-1850913038)

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