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Beautiful Begonia

A while back, I saw a bedraggled begonia at Lowe’s. It had four beat-up leaves on it, and was looking sad, but the leaves were black, and reminded me of a begonia I had back in Baltimore. I bought it.

It’s been growing steadily since then, and now that it’s spring, it has been growing more rapidly. I’ve decided to move it away from my kitchen window, and move it to the living room, where I can admire it more easily.

It not only has black satiny leaves, which I like, it is also hairy, which I love.

And the leaves are starting to swirl as they get bigger. Also cool.

Maybe some day I’ll post some pictures to a begonia forum and try to identify the variety by name. I’d be glad to know.

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  1. Lauren

    That plant has a lot going on – so many features! Thanks for nursing it back to health. 🙂

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