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Clever Clock

Beth sent me a clock!

It’s Superman! And it’s made out of a record? It’s so weird and interesting! I like it! She said she got it at a school auction.

My classroom clock has been malfunctioning, but I don’t think I’ll use it there. It’s too fancy. My students have a hard enough time reading a regular clock.

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  1. Carol

    Good choice, Beth – and wise decision, Brad.

    In my later years in the classroom I’d bought a new clock for the back wall that reminded me of old diners – you know, with the illuminated ring around the face? When it was plugged in, it looked so cool…until a young man who sat too near that cord made the illumination no longer possible. And I knew he’d done that. And he knew I knew. And he never did anything about that. And now I think I know where he got that behavior (see his Dad’s current situation here: https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pr/baltimore-school-police-officer-facing-federal-charges-overtime-fraud-and-tax-violations) Not holding a bridge or anything, though…

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