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Sweetener Second Thoughts

I usually write my posts at night before I go to bed, because my most regular readers are all ahead of my time zone, so I would miss them if I posted in the morning.

Monday night I went to bed after eating a dessert full of allulose. Everything seemed to be fine, until my stomach started gurgling. Without going into details, let’s just say that the warnings about gastrointestinal discomfort were true.

I guess this won’t end up being the regular sugar substitute I had hoped. I suppose I could still use it in smaller quantities, but sugar in small quantities isn’t that bad really, so…

Anyway, I still have three delicious lemon desserts that will send you to the bathroom all night long. Does anyone want them?


  1. Lauren

    Oh, that did not have the ending that I had hoped for you. I am so sorry…….

    Maybe you could market them as pre-colonoscopy treats?

  2. Carol

    Your saga brings to mind my late friend, Sandy, who – once diagnosed with Type II diabetes – decided she put enough chemicals (e.g., medicines) into her body already; she would stick with good old sugar until the day she died. Since you probably noted the use of “late” earlier, you know how her story here ended (but we will see her again; she was a woman of strong faith) – don’t let that discourage you from sticking with “good old sugar” in moderation yourself. Phooey on those other options; there’s always a catch.

  3. Elaine Royuk

    My thought exactly – Lauren!

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