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Strange Store

I did a little window-shopping yesterday morning. I drove past a place I had never seen. The sign said something about “last chance”. I went in to check it out.

There was a whole jumble of stuff on tables, and everything there was $10. Apparently, they bring stuff in on Thursday, and start selling it on Friday for $12. Then it gets progressively cheaper until Wednesday, when everything is $1.

I may check it out some Wednesday…


  1. Carol

    That’s wild! Bet the parking lot is jammed every Wednesday.

    This sounds even better than Senior Citizen First Tuesdays at the Walgreens!! 😉

  2. Lauren

    Where’s my comment? I must not have hit ‘post’. There is a store like this in Lincoln. I’ve only ever gone on Saturday, where everything is eight dollars. It’s pretty much picked over and broken by then, so it’s not exactly worth it. It’s still fun to look. I’d like to go on a day when everything is new.

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