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Treatment Testimonial

I have a regular pest-control company. They come once a month. The technician texts me to say he/she is coming and sometimes asks if anything needs special attention. Today I didn’t answer because I was busy and didn’t see the text in time. Not that anything needed special attention.

After his visit, today’s technician sent me pictures. I think they’re fun, because it’s his green-gloved hand holding the sprayer in various locations around my house. I like them so much, I’ll share them with you:

I do have to say – the pool pump is a weird place to spray. I’m not sure that I have many problems with bugs there…


  1. Karla

    Spray the pool pump!! I have a whole house generator and just two weeks ago had to deal with an ant infestation inside of it. I’ll text you some Live Photos I took during their eviction. It’s trippy.

    • Lauren

      Oh, we need to see those, too.

      These are great! It’s like a video game! Pest Control – get all the bugs!

  2. Carol

    He sure seems thorough alright! Didn’t seem to miss a nook or a cranny anywhere. Good for him/you!

    What chemical(s) are used so Gus never gets I’ll from them, I wonder? (Years ago I stopped lawn treatments because the late great Bonzo Frey got very sick during them – suddenly all better once I stopped, too. Consequently, now we only grow plantain, morel, wire grass, dandelions, buttercups – still plenty to mow, but no “grass” in our lawn. Sigh.)

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