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Mushroom Manifestation

My shamrock pot has a mushroom in it!

The kitchen window is one of my houseplant hotspots, because it has such good light. Lately, it’s seemed like the sun is hotter though, so the pots have been drying out fast. So I have been watering them more often. Maybe it’s a little too often now…

Actually, most fungus appearances in houseplants are completely harmless (like this one is). I will just enjoy the happy little mushroom while I can. It will be short-lived.


  1. Lauren

    Awww…. Hi, little guy!

  2. Kristi

    You have an oxalis plant!!! Those are so much fun!!!

    • Brad

      Kristi, I have never actually had one of these. I grew some smaller oxalis variety in my garden a while back, and it naturally went dormant in the winter. I’ve read that this “houseplant” variety goes dormant too, so I’m a little curious to see what that looks like.

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