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Taming a Tree

I did something in the garden yesterday! It was so refreshing.

A tree from my backyard neighbor’s house had a branch hanging over. We had previously swapped phone numbers, so I texted to ask if it was okay for me to trim it. He was very friendly about saying “yes”, and even offered to help if I needed it. What a nice guy!

I didn’t end up needing help. I just used a lopper pruner, and took pieces one at a time. It was a little awkward when I got up on a step ladder and saw over the wall, where he and his wife were having a glass of wine. Everyone’s back yard here in LA is surrounded by high walls, so the back yard is a very private place. But he again was gracious and friendly. Yay for friendly neighbors!

Anyway, the branch came off, and I won’t have its leaves falling into the pool any more. Nice! Here’s a “before” and “after”:


  1. Carol

    Wish our behind-the-yard neighbor would trim his blessed’ mulberry tree! At this time of year one cannot sit on the deck back there without being bombarded – ow! – by ripe mulberries. Yes, I know this way we have free fruit, and I even have a recipe for mulberry cobbler, but I tried making that one year and apparently did not cook down the berries long enough; had to pick stems out of my teeth every time I tried to eat a slice. The cobbler part was yummy, though…but I digress. Grateful for your friendly neighbors!

  2. Lauren

    Did he offer you a glass of wine? Did you offer him a branch?

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