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I Don’t Do Donuts

When the kids at school have birthdays, and they bring treats, and there are treats left over after everyone in their class gets them, they bring them around to the teachers.

I have a Permanent Collection by my desk where some of these treats have ended up, but today the boy who was having a birthday brought donuts. Mmm… I like donuts… It did not end up in the collection.

It’s just as well. My Permanent Collection shelves are getting full.

The oldest item is the teal cupcake to the far right. It’s from the beginning of last year.


  1. Carol

    Wait, you save uneaten birthday cupcakes? Why? Don’t they start to rot over timem attract bugs, etc?

    Or do you add varnish so they will never decompose?

    Or are you having some sort of breakdown now….

  2. Lauren

    Ha! I had the same thought as Carol – how fortunate you are that your room doesn’t have an ant problem. So funny!

    Yeah, that donut needed to be enjoyed with a good cup of coffee.

  3. Brad

    To answer you both, it’s all about moisture. Once the food dries out completely, it isn’t very food-like any more. To be honest, I don’t think grocery store cupcakes are very food-like to begin with. I did receive a piece of pizza in March and let it sit for a while, and it dried very nicely too. The tip curled up, like genie shoes! Ha! It’s on the far left, underneath the pink cookie.

    • Lauren

      You’re not wrong about them not being food-like to begin with. 😉

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