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Tray Tidying

I’ve settled into a regular pattern with my tooth tray maintenance. In the evening, usually before eating a snack, I take them out and put them into a UV and sonic cleaner thingy, along with a fizzy cleaning tablet.

Then I put them back in after brushing my teeth. That way, everything is super-clean during the night time hours when I don’t open my mouth much.

It’s nice to have a regular time for the cleanings. I’m pretty careful about never eating or drinking with the trays in, but residual coffee and such does start to leave its mark.

At least I’m down to ten days between trays now, so fresh ones are always around the corner.


  1. Lauren

    Ten days between trays! This has been a fascinating process. Did they provide you with the sonic cleaner or did you buy it separately?

    • Brad

      I ordered the cleaner from the internet. It was advertised for mouth trays, but I could clean jewelry in it as well 🙂

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