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Max and Ned and Gus

Super Gus

Happy All Saints Day!

My coworker Chloe got Gus a Halloween costume. I’ve been trying to get a good picture of him wearing it. Yesterday I finally did.

Cat Spot

When I leave my condo complex in the morning, I often see the same cat. It sits in a particular parking space all the time.

I decided I was going to take a few pictures of it before I posted about it, but ever since I decided that, the cat hasn’t been in the spot. Dang.

So here’s the one picture I have. I’m sure after I post this, the cat will be back again.

Calm Cat

I had a good day of grading yesterday. I wasted so little time. I was good! Yay, Brad!

When I got home, I watched a little TV to relax before bed. Gus relaxed with me.

Party Cat

Gus’ birthday party was last night. It was a lot of work to get my condo ready. I wanted it to be clean and tidy. I actually did very little last-minute hiding. I was proud of myself.

I got to my place with about thirty minutes to spare. I got the food laid out, and made sure all the chairs were in place.

Gus was excited.
Gus was excited.

The party was fun. Lots of chit-chat, and a relaxing atmosphere. The two big wrinkles were that I accidentally put my old unit number on the invitation (I said 202 instead of 201), and that I didn’t have enough chairs. It worked out though, because some of us went to the lanai for a while.

Chloe brought a birthday cake and candles for Gus. He didn’t eat the cake or blow out the candles, but he was fascinated by them.

Everybody sang Happy Birthday to him.
Everybody sang Happy Birthday to him.

By the end of the party, Gus was exhausted. He’s like a little kid – he gets sleepy, but doesn’t want to miss anything, so he stays out with everyone. Then he gets grumpy. As soon as the last visitor left, I put him in his blanket. He slept hard.

So happy to be in his blanket.
So happy to be in his blanket.


Happy Birthday, Gus! Yay! He’s six years old today. That’s forty in cat years. I looked it up.

I am inviting my co-workers over for Gus’ birthday and to see my condo. The party is actually tomorrow. I took a lot of pictures of Gus in a party hat so I could use one on the invitation. I did get one that was usable, but the unusable ones were fun too:

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