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Max and Ned and Gus and Bruno

Low Litter

I have forgotten to get new cat litter before, but I’ve never let it get this bad. Poor Bruno. By the time I was re-filling his litter box last night, it was down to less than an inch. Yikes!

But that gave me the opportunity to do a complete litter change. All the old went into the trash, and he got brand-spanking-new litter. Yay!

He used it immediately.

Hmmm… I can’t seem to upload a picture. Maybe that’s good. It was a picture of Bruno in the litter box. I’ll try later and see if it works…

Couch Cat

After I get up from sitting on the couch, Bruno likes to sit in the spot where I was, because it’s warm. Last night he struck a pose:

And then he struck another one:


Birthday Boy

I can’t believe I forgot to mention it yesterday – it was Bruno’s birthday! He’s one year old! Yay! Happy Birthday, Bruno!

When I got home from church last night, I gave Bruno a birthday treat.

He almost couldn’t wait for me to finish singing “Happy Birthday”.

Snug Super Bowl

I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. It was an exciting one. I had asked my students who people around here were cheering for. They said: “Neither!” Heh.

I liked the commercials. They seemed better than recent years. There were more funny ones. I liked that. Not that I’m much of a commercial connoisseur anymore. I hardly ever see commercials these days.

I had my windows open when the game started. My house needed some fresh air. It made it kind of cold. I had to use a blanket. Mmm… It felt good…

Bruno was happy too. He loves sleeping in the tent space created by my knees. He couldn’t see the TV from there, but like my students, he didn’t care who won either.

Toasty Tabby

When I posted about Bruno liking warm spots under blankets, my friend Diane from Maui sent me an email to tell me about a special pet mat that reflects body heat to keep your furry (or not so furry) friend warm.

I got one!

This was his first time on it. I think he likes it! He’s so snuggled in!

Thanks for the suggestion, Diane!

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