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Max and Ned and Gus

Blanket Bruno

Happy Birthday to my Mom! Woo hoo! (and happy belated birthday to Lauren. I’ve been extra forgetful lately – maybe I need some B vitamins or something)

It gets cooler here in winter, but not really ever cold. Yesterday the highs were in the seventies. The evening temperatures are dipping just below sixty, which is cool enough for a couch blanket. Nice! Bruno likes it too.

That’s my belly he’s got his nose buried in. Heh. His head was up for a while, but then it just plonked right down, and he was out.

I wonder if Sphynx cat head wrinkles are unique to each cat, like fingerprints…

Sleepy Sunday

After a busy Sunday morning, including a church voters meeting that took longer than expected, Mom and I had a delicious diner breakfast. Then we went home and took a nap.

Bruno LOVES sleeping on Mom’s lap. He could be there all day long.

After my nap, it was time to get to work. I graded papers until bed time. Ugh.

Today is back to school. I’ll be glad to see the kids again.

Friday Funday

We had a slow start to our Black Friday, but we did go out. My mom had a few things on her list. I was just there for the fun of it. I love Black Friday.

The thing we kept looking for but not finding was a garland of gold beads for my mom’s Christmas tree. It was a proper Quest, and was very fun. The weirdest thing I saw on the quest was a Christmas tree that holds wine bottles. Crazy!

We went to several places, but eventually found what we were looking for in Target.

We took a rest at home, where Bruno was striking dramatic poses in the sun.

Then we went to a place that some friends of my mom recommended. It’s in Los Alamitos, and was about 25 minutes away from my house.

It was delicious food. Yum!

Then it was back home again, and movie-watching until midnight. Whew! What a fun, full day!

Bruno Bath

I’m in San Diego today at our Lutheran Educators Conference. When I get back on Tuesday, I’ll drive straight to the airport to pick up my mom. She’s visiting for Thanksgiving! Yay!

The tight turnaround means I had to have my house ready for a visit before I left, and on the list of things to clean was Bruno. I gave him a bath yesterday.

He likes to have something to play with in the water. His usual bath toy is a dried orchid flower.

Morning Munching

Bruno always joins me in the bathroom while I’m getting ready in the morning. Sometimes he sits in front of the space heater (it’s cool in the mornings now-a-days). Sometimes he chases fungus gnats (they’re living in my houseplants).

And sometimes he chews on the bathtub faucet:

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. Maybe he’s teething? When do cats loose their baby teeth? Or maybe he just really hates the tub spigot…

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