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Both Blooming

My amaryllis plants are blooming at the same time! It was what I was hoping for! Even more exciting news – I got home during the daylight so I could take pictures!

The flowers are pink and orange. I love that combination! It’s cool outside, so I’m hoping the flowers will last for a long time. I want to admire them a lot.

Budding Bulbs

Back in November, I planted some bulbs in pots. I’m not sure how they are supposed to grow here, but they have been slowly emerging. The amaryllis plants have tall flower stalks now. I wonder when they will open.

One of the hyacinths has open flowers! I smell it often. It is the smell of spring.

Garden Center Delight

Yesterday morning I went to what has become my favorite garden center. Last time I went, I couldn’t go outside because it was raining. I did end up getting some delightful miniature violets though.

This time, I did go outside! Yay! It was beautiful and energizing.

I saw a lot of things I might like to have in my garden in the future. I have to wait though. I need to take out the old plants before I can start new again.

Shower Plant

I got another plant. I’m buying plants! Yay! I have been waiting to settle in a little more. Plants and other decorations are really the last thing on the list (after major repairs, painting, and furniture), but I just couldn’t wait. Getting violets for my master bathroom made me want to get a plant for the hallway bathroom too.

The hallway bathroom window is in the shower stall, so it gets lots of humidity. Perfect for a phalaenopsis orchid! But it’s a small window, so it had to be a mini. To the internet!

I found a variety called Phalaenopsis Sogo Vieker ‘Little Squirt’ from an orchid specialty internet store. ‘Little Squirt’ only grows to nine inches tall, including the pot. Nice! Here are some pictures from the store’s website:

Phalaenopsis Sogo Vieker

The plant came in the mail yesterday! Woo hoo!

It came with a bloom spike! I’m going to have flowers in a few weeks!

I will get a more decorative pot for it maybe today. The electrician is here, so I want to be around in case he has any questions.

Pretty Plants

Yesterday I went out into the rain with two goals: get an umbrella for my truck, and go to the garden center.

The umbrella was a little hard to find. It doesn’t rain here very often, so stores don’t have much incentive to carry umbrellas. I finally got one at Lowe’s.

The garden center was delightful. I love this particular place. It has lots of unusual specimens. I browsed for a long time.

Because I’m still waiting for electrical and plumbing work to be done, my house is still unsettled, and I’m not ready for many plants yet. But my bathroom is done, and it has a sunny window sill that is perfect for something tiny…. and I found some tiny African violets. I love them!

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