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Rain Rinse

It rained last night! Yay! I can’t remember the last time it rained. It’s the remnants of hurricane Linda passing over the islands.

I happened to have seen the forecast, so I did a little hosing around the native plant pots at school. There was much concrete dust gathered around them. The hosing started the cleanup, and the rain will finish it.

The rain will also give my lanai a well-needed rinsing. There is no gutter around the edge of my lanai, so if I would ever hose it or even just wash it, the water would just run down all over my neighbor’s lanai and yard. Ugh. I don’t want to be a bad neighbor.

But fortunately, rain is not my fault, and if it rains hard enough, all the dust rinses right off of my lanai. Yay!

Hose Holder

When I first did my native plants in pots at school over the summer, the hose was not attached to its usual spigot. It’s the hose that sometimes gets used to water the playground lawn, and the one I use to water the native plants.

When the old barrel planter was there, the hose was kind of hidden at the base of the barrel, but now it’s out in the open, and kind of unsightly. I looked at hose reels, but we would need a heavy-duty one, and that’s kind of expensive. Instead, I got another pot. It hides the hose nicely.

Here’s a “before” and “after”:

Awaited Appearance

I have been growing a lotus on my lanai since March. It got several buds on it before I left for my annual summer trip to Nebraska. I missed the flowers. A new bud grew. I was so excited to finally see a lotus bloom.

On Tuesday morning before school, I noticed that it was finally opening.

But when I got home on Tuesday afternoon, it had closed. I think. I think maybe it opened in the sun, and closed again once it was shaded?

Yesterday morning I checked on it before I left for school. It was open! Gloriously open! I took a picture, but had to use a flash because it was still dark out.

And then yesterday after school, it was closed again. It looked like a stupid dumb tulip. Dang.

All this anticipation, and I have a flower that can only be viewed during the day, while I’m at school. I’m not sure that’s even worth it. Stupid lotus.

Plant Peregrination

Well, it’s going to be another plant post. Sorry. When I’m at home and have free time, I’m either on the couch, or on my lanai, and posting about my couch time wouldn’t be very interesting.

I escaped my couch for a while yesterday to drive upcountry and look at plants. My first stop was the Rainbow Acres Cactus and Succulent Nursery.

They have a great selection, and I love how knowledgeable the workers are. I have asked several questions, and I always get great answers. Yesterday, I also got a graptosedum. It is bright orange, and I hope it stays that way. Often, with a change in light or temperature or water frequency, succulents will change color.

Before I went back down the mountain, I decided I’d make a quick stop at Kula Hardware, where I resisted buying a dwarf ohia tree, and 3rd Day Nursery, where I did not resist buying a weird succulent with bumps and hairs and cute yellow flowers.

A Bunch of Blooms

A while back, I planted a jade plant in a bonsai pot and put some little succulent things around it to look like bushes. One of them bloomed! So cool! I knew that they bloomed, but I guess I forgot.

There are other things blooming on my lanai too. My starfish flower is covered with buds right now. Two flowers are blooming at the same time. I don’t remember that ever happening.

And my taro plant is blooming. The flowers aren’t very showy, but it’s still exciting. The plant must be happy if it’s blooming.

My most exciting bloom hasn’t happened quite yet. My lotus has a big bud on in. Woo hoo! Maybe it will open this weekend!

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