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Exciting Anticipation

I switched the mosaic water plants to a larger pot a couple weeks ago, but the larger pot got me thinking… I should get a bigger water plant! …I should get a LOTUS! Woo!!!

I went online and found a small variety of lotus that thrives in containers, that blooms all summer long, and that has “red” flowers (they’re actually pink). The variety name is “chu chu”, because it was developed in China. I ordered one.

It arrived yesterday! So exciting!

The root will sprout quickly, and in a few days the first leaves will already be coming out. I will love watching it grow. And when the flowers finally come, they will be SO BEAUTIFUL! I love lotus flowers! HERE is a google image search so you can see the “chu chu” flowers.

Signs of Spring

Spring on Maui is more subtle than it was in Maryland, but it’s definitely here to see. The plumeria outside my front door is blooming. It will have clusters of flowers on its bare branches for a while, then it will grow new leaves.

As I was admiring the plumeria, I noticed the tree behind it was starting to bloom too. I just did some internet searching, and I think it’s a Tabebuia aurea, or Caribbean trumpet tree. By April, this tree will be covered with golden blooms:

More Light

As spring advances and summer approaches, the sun is moving. All winter, my lanai was in shade except for the outermost edge. I scooched all my sun-lovingest plants out as far as I could.

But now, the sun is hitting the entire width of the shelves. Even the inside plants are getting sunlight. Yay! By summer, even the plants on the floor will get sun.

Strange Sights

Happy Pi Day! Yay!

I woke up early yesterday and had some trouble getting back to sleep, so I just got up. I decided I’d go to school and get my work done early. When I arrived, I looked down at my odometer and saw an interesting number:


At school, I wasn’t getting much done, so I decided I’d just leave. The trip home was an adventure. It’s been raining a lot here the last few days. Pu’unene Avenue was flooded! I was glad to have a vehicle that rides a little higher.

When I got home, I did a little cleaning and a little painting. I haven’t finished the bedroom I started painting months ago. Hopefully this time I’ll push through and finish.

When the rain stopped, I spent some time on the lanai. I saw a butterfly!

I was so excited! In Baltimore, I had whole sections of the garden devoted to flowers that brought bees and butterflies. Here, my space is so limited, I can barely put out one or two plants that might entice them. I’m happy to say: the verbena bonariensis did the trick. Yay!

Jade Tree

I have been puttering around on my lanai when I get home from school. I’m doing lots of rearranging, and some re-potting too. One of the things I’ve repotted is a jade plant I’ve been growing for a while. It fell over, then the stem rooted some more. It looked kind of wind-swept, and a little tree-like, so I decided to put it in a bonsai pot.

After I potted it, I remembered I had a grass-like looking thing I got when my mom was here. I pulled it into smaller pieces and planted it around the jade to look like clumps of grass or bushes.

I’m not entirely happy with the look of the jade, but I’ll keep fussing with it. I think as it gets older and the stem gets thicker, it will look more and more like a tree.

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