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Bountiful Birds

I have had a pot of water on my lanai for a while now. I love watching the birds come to drink it and bathe in it. There have been all kinds of birds, but lately there are a lot of java sparrows. Looking more closely, I’ve noticed that some of them are juveniles. I think it’s a family! …a BIG family.

They hang out in the tree next to my lanai, and come down periodically for drinks and swimming. Then right at dusk, they all come at once for one last drink before bedtime. It’s amazing and fun to watch.

Joint Trouble

My classroom aquarium developed a leak while I was on spring break. When I came back, it looked like this:

From moisture on the outside, I determined it was the joint in the front left corner. I think the leak was slow enough that there was little or no water on the actual floor, which was a blessing.

I decided to try to patch the leak, rather than draining the whole tank. I was willing to accept an ugly joint as long as it was waterproof.

It did have to sit at a low water level for a couple of days while the silicone cured.

Yesterday morning the patch silicone reached its cure-point, so I filled the tank.

No leaking so far. I plan to work at school today instead of Sunday, so I’ll be able to continue monitoring it.

A Sign of Spring

I got some daffodils. They weren’t too much of a splurge – they were $5 a bunch. I got two bunches. They are delightful!

They smell so good – like spring. They were closed up pretty tight, but opened quickly when I put them in water.

I don’t think they’ll last long though. I took the picture on Sunday. Some of the flowers were already wilting yesterday. Oh well, spring is fleeting too. A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.

Hairy Eggs

The ‘uala plant (sweet potato) at my school has some eggs on it.

I have been searching the internet to see what they are, but I can’t figure it out. I keep seeing mealy bugs or wooly aphids, but I don’t think that’s what these are. I can kind of see little worm-shaped things. What lays hairy eggs?

Regular and Fun Size

I have a regular-sized orchid that is I think two years old. It started blooming a while back. I also have a smaller one that my school’s secretary gave to me. It had finished blooming, and she asked if I wanted it. I said yes, because I’m such a pushover for plants. But I’ve never seen it bloom. Until now. It’s the same color as my big one! Nice!

And it was also fun to see that the small orchid has a pattern on its petals. So pretty!

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