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Seed Setup

I miss watching birds, so yesterday I decided to get some birdseed and put it outside my back window. I wanted to have the seeds be window-height, so I could see them easily from anywhere in the room. I rigged a set-up that worked fairly well.

But more important than me being able to see them I wanted Bruno to be able to see them.

He loved it! He crouched and watched, his tail twitching, and his mouth chittering. He spent the rest of the day running into the room looking for more birds.

Jacarandas in May

If it was one day later, the title could have been the alliterative “Jacarandas in June”, but I couldn’t wait. It didn’t take any other pictures yesterday.

The jacarandas are blooming here in Los Angeles. There are quite a few of them here. I heard a little radio spot about jacarandas in LA, and it was interesting. They said lots of them were planted on purpose, to evoke an air of the exotic.

This is back-lit, so it’s kind of hard to see, but it’s on my drive to work,

But I would never plant one in my yard. They’re beautiful, but messy. And I’m lazy 🙂

A Bunch of Bees

The palm trees in front of my house are blooming. I can’t smell a sweet scent, but they must have nectar in them because they’re full of honey bees.

Yay, honey bees! I haven’t yet gotten my garden to full strength here, but when I do, I hope it will be brimming with bees.

Taming a Tree

I did something in the garden yesterday! It was so refreshing.

A tree from my backyard neighbor’s house had a branch hanging over. We had previously swapped phone numbers, so I texted to ask if it was okay for me to trim it. He was very friendly about saying “yes”, and even offered to help if I needed it. What a nice guy!

I didn’t end up needing help. I just used a lopper pruner, and took pieces one at a time. It was a little awkward when I got up on a step ladder and saw over the wall, where he and his wife were having a glass of wine. Everyone’s back yard here in LA is surrounded by high walls, so the back yard is a very private place. But he again was gracious and friendly. Yay for friendly neighbors!

Anyway, the branch came off, and I won’t have its leaves falling into the pool any more. Nice! Here’s a “before” and “after”:

Mushroom Manifestation

My shamrock pot has a mushroom in it!

The kitchen window is one of my houseplant hotspots, because it has such good light. Lately, it’s seemed like the sun is hotter though, so the pots have been drying out fast. So I have been watering them more often. Maybe it’s a little too often now…

Actually, most fungus appearances in houseplants are completely harmless (like this one is). I will just enjoy the happy little mushroom while I can. It will be short-lived.

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