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Towel Hunt

I got a Target gift card for Christmas, and was wondering what to do with it. I was thinking about maybe getting some new bathroom towels. I think new, soft towels are an absolute luxury. Plus, my current towels are unraveling a little, and I have houseguests here a lot more often that I did in Baltimore.

I’ve shopped around in the store and online, but it’s hard to find white towels with light blue accents, which is what would match my current bathroom rugs. I did find a pretty good match, but it’s cream-colored, and next to my white shower curtain and my white rugs, it looks kind of dirty. So I would have to get new everything? My gift card isn’t that big. I think I’ll keep looking…

Christmas in January

I didn’t check my mail on Saturday, so I checked yesterday. I had a package! It was from Debbie in Tennessee. It had Christmas presents in it! Woo hoo!

Everything she sent is so fun, but I have to comment about the mug. I have a Superman mug already, and Debbie knew that, but she had to send me this one because it is HUGE. I measured water as I poured it in. It’s 32 ounces. It holds a quart of coffee. Ha! That’s awesome!

Roaming Reptile

Last year, the eighth graders and seventh graders had a contest where one class hid a small plastic lizard in my classroom somewhere, and the other class tried to find it. Then the finders would become the hiders. It was fun.

This year, the new eighth graders thought it would be fun to do again. There had been a few back-and-forths, when one of the kids hid the lizard in a place on the floor. Our cleaning guy must’ve thought it was trash and threw it away.

I told this story during faculty devotions, and Diane said she had a lizard she had confiscated as contraband from a second grader. Yesterday morning, she left it in my room. Yay! Let the games continue!

Slowly Shifting Gears

Happy Ephiphany!

I’ve had a hard time adjusting back to work this week. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to properly re-set to this time zone and get myself back on track for working life.

At night, I’ve been eating, then napping, then stumbling around groggily, then going to bed. Last night, I even ate in a reclining position. Nice.

Mmm… a big ol’ plate of bacon for dinner…. ehhhxcellent….

Unwelcome Passengers

While I was away, my truck sat in its parking spot for two weeks. I guess that’s long enough for ants to move in. There are tiny ants everywhere inside. I think they are living there. I see them whenever I open the door:

Yuck. I stopped at the store after school yesterday and got some ant baits. I hope they work. I do not like sharing my truck with an ant colony.

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