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Maui Stuff

We went to the swap meet yesterday. I saw some small quilts there a few weeks ago, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. I wanted to go back and get one. I didn’t end up getting it from the place I expected to. I went to another booth, and while I was chatting with the lady there, she pulled out one that wasn’t even on display. It was so pretty, and had a Hawaiian hibiscus design. I got it!

After some more packing, and a little napping, we went to a restaurant in Paia that I had a gift card for. Since we were so close to Ho’okipa, we decided to take a look at the turtles.

They always look like rocks. There were a LOT of them:

We stuck around for the sunset. It was beautiful.

Parking Problem

My shipping pod was delivered today. It gets picked up again on Tuesday, so I have a while to load it. There isn’t much extra space in our condo complex, so the property manager said I should just put it in my parking spot.

When I looked up the dimensions of the pod, I saw that it would easily fit, but the trailer it’s on has wide wheels, so they crowd my neighbor’s spot. I talked with her about it, and she was very kind. She said she would get a visitor permit, and park in a visitor spot until Tuesday. She’s a good egg.

Dolphin Day

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before – I went on a dolphin-watching boat.

I was surprised to see it was a sailboat. It had a motor though, and we used it on full-throttle for the “going out” part of the trip. The headwind was CRAZY!

On the way back, we unfurled the sail. There were pretty big waves, and they were pushing us along. I got a little queasy, which was unfortunate because they were serving a light lunch. I ate anyway, then stood out in the wind again so the fresh air could help me feel better.

We didn’t see any dolphins. I’m eligible to go out again for free because they have a guarantee that you will see dolphins. I don’t know that I will go out again though. I was absolutely exhausted after the trip was over.

Beach and Boxes

I walked on the beach yesterday morning. It wasn’t an exercise day with my trainer, so it was good to get some exercise. It was also good to see the beach. It was overcast and breezy – nice walking weather.

I packed some more yesterday. The shipping pod comes tomorrow. I’m trying to get the boxes all ready so I can just load them up. I’ve had some valuable assistance from Denis, who is here for a visit and to help. Yay!

School and Singing

I packed a little more yesterday morning, and forgot I was supposed to meet my co-worker Megan at school. She’s taking my classroom fish tank. Yay!

There were a couple of snags getting it to her room and filled again, but it’s set up now, and she can count it as part of her “forest campground” decor now. She has a “lake”!

In the evening, I went to Kaala and Andrea’s house as usual for Bible study. But not as usual, they had their whole family over, and some other friends came and sang. It was awesome! What a great evening!

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