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Then and Now

Here’s a crazy coincidence – I was looking at old posts on Bradaptation yesterday, and stumbled across THIS ONE. It’s from exactly four years ago today. It talks about this crazy new match-three game I had started playing.

I’m still playing it. A lot. Four years later. Is that a testament to my determination? …or is it a shameful monument to wasted time?

I blame covid. My phone time got so much worse during the lockdown period. I’ve never really recovered.

Snowy Scenery

The large amounts of rain we got also fell in the mountains. There, it was snow. On clear days, I can see the mountains from the balcony outside my classroom.

They’re pretty. I should go visit them sometime.

Field Trip

We went on a field trip for school yesterday. First, we went to a water recycling facility. It was interesting. It wasn’t a wastewater plant – they take partially treated water, and clean it some more. It’s not drinkable, but it gets used for other things like irrigation and coolant water.

The visit included an activity where kids tried to filter muddy water and make it as clear as possible. It was entertaining and educational.

Our next stop was nearby. It was a small aquarium at the end of a pier in an area called Manhattan Beach.

Despite its small size, it was an interesting place. They had a tide pool tank where you could touch things, and several small tanks with interesting inhabitants.

When we got back to school, I was tired! Whew! I took a nap when I got home.

Good Glasses

I’ve been looking for drinking glasses for quite a while now. I wanted something larger than the most common large size – 16 ounces. They were surprisingly hard to find.

I finally found something on a commercial restaurant supply website. The glasses are 20 ounces, have a wavy design in them, and are super-durable, because they’re made for restaurants. Nice!

I tested them out last night with my dinner. They are a little heavy, but I do like how they look, and I did not have to go back for seconds on my drink. Perfect!

Tie Tale

It’s Friday the Thirteenth! Stay in your room!

Years ago, when Rush Limbaugh was on tv, my dad ordered some Rush Limbaugh ties. I have several of them in my collection now. I wore one yesterday, and to my surprise, found out it was Rush Limbaugh’s birthday. What are the chances?

I got lots of comments on it, because it’s so brightly colored. I told a couple of classes where the tie was from, and was a little surprised to find out that none of the kids knew who he was. I suppose I shouldn’t have been that surprised. His tv show’s last season was in 1996, and his last regular radio show was ten years ago.

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