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Big Screen

I saw this movie in the theater yesterday:

It was the first Lord of the Rings Movie! They were doing a special showing. I have seen this movie dozens of times – I would guess the total number is even surpasses a hundred – but it was so fun to watch it in a theater. There were surround-sound elements that I don’t experience at home, and of course the giant screen was much bigger than my TV.

Today is the second movie, and tomorrow is the third, but I won’t be watching them. It’s a serious time commitment. They are playing the extended versions, so each movie is about 3.5 hours.

The Ten Words

I learned something new in Bible class yesterday. The Bible doesn’t call the Ten Commandments “commandments”. The original Hebrew and Greek both call them the Ten Words. Our Bible study leader, a theology professor, then led a discussion about how the Ten Commandments have been traditionally numbered. Here was his handout:

He said it doesn’t really make sense to have two commandments about coveting, like the the Roman Catholics and Lutherans do. It also doesn’t really make sense to have two commandments about having no other gods, like the Reformed churches do.

He said that’s because there are really only nine commandments (the last nine “words”), and that the first “word” is the second verse of Exodus 20: “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.”

That verse is all Gospel! God saved Israel first. He didn’t ask them to follow rules first, or to feel bad about their sins first. He saved them. Then after they came to Mount Sinai, he gave the Ten Words. The first word was a reminder that he loved them and saved them, and then the other nine were about how to live in God’s love. If you want to be happy, don’t murder people. If you want to be happy, be honest. If you want to be happy, don’t take other people’s things.

It’s such a perspective-changer! Now I want the Jewish way of numbering the “Ten Words” on a poster in my classroom!

Teeth Tray

I recently noticed something about my bottom tooth tray – it has one tooth slot in the middle instead of two, making a total of three teeth on the bottom, not four.

This was the plan all along – I lost two teeth in the middle on the bottom, but everything was so crowded, they’re moving my teeth and leaving one spot instead of two. The tray mold is anticipating it already. So interesting!

Stress Shopping

I’ve had kind of a stressful time at work lately, and I’m afraid it’s led me to make a frivolous purchase – I’ve gotten the scabbard for my Glamdring sword. It’s licensed, like the sword is, and it’s a perfect match. And I love it. 🙂

I’m not sure that I’ll display it in the scabbard when I get around to finally hanging it, but at least for now, it’s stored in a much better way than being wrapped in a blanket.

Sweet Search

I’m trying to cut my consumption of sugar. It’s been kind of hard, because artificial sweeteners leave a weird and long-lasting aftertaste in my mouth.

I did find out that allulose has a pleasing tastse, but it has some digestive consequences.

Nevertheless, I decided to try some ice cream with allulose:

It was good! I didn’t eat the whole thing all at once, but I could have. It was only 270 calories for the whole pint! Wow!

I will definitely be getting this again.

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