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Clever Clock

Beth sent me a clock!

It’s Superman! And it’s made out of a record? It’s so weird and interesting! I like it! She said she got it at a school auction.

My classroom clock has been malfunctioning, but I don’t think I’ll use it there. It’s too fancy. My students have a hard enough time reading a regular clock.

Bee Moving Day

Yesterday, a professional came to remove the honey bee colony in my walls. It was fascinating. He looked at the colony entrance outside, but then came inside and did all his work there.

He used a thermal imaging camera to find where the bees were, and then cut a hole in the inside wall of my house. It was higher up than I thought:

The colony was young, so it wasn’t very big – only two combs about a foot square each.

The technician used a vacuum to suck up the bees:

After the initial vacuuming, things got serious, and he took off the hat.

The bees didn’t attack him at all. They trusted him.

After the bees were all safely in the vacuum box, he scraped out the rest of the wax from the wall, then sealed it up:

He also plugged the hole outside:

During the day, I had a long phone conversation with someone from the company and asked him what they did with the bees they rescued. He said there were various ways the bees were taken care of. He said mine would probably go to a big bee-keeping operation near San Diego that uses their bees to help pollinate agricultural crops.

Beaucoop Books

I had to look that word up. The phrase I know is “beaucoop bucks”, but haven’t heard it for a long, long time. Does anyone even use that expression anymore? And did you know that “beaucoop” is just French for “a lot”?

Anyway, I need some more math books for school. I went on a used book website and ordered them. The site lets you pay them, but they are listings from third parties, so it’s not really one order, it’s a dozen orders.

The books are coming a few a time. It’s kind of fun.

Hopefully all the books will have arrived by the end of Easter break. That’s when I need to start using them.

Scores and Sunset

Yesterday was my regular grading day. I didn’t quite finish, but I got a lot done. It was getting dark by the time I left school. The sunset was beautiful:

In the evening, I had some couch time with Bruno. It was nice to take a breath before diving in again. This will be a busy week.

Cinema and Citrus

Happy Palm Sunday!

Yesterday was mostly a rest day. I did go see Kung Fu Panda 4. It was nice. I like going to movies in the theater, because I can’t take out my phone. It’s a welcome break from the infernal tiny screen that is re-programming my brain to not have any kind of attention span.

I also went to the farmers market. I got some Cara Cara oranges. Mmm… they are so good.

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