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Home Again

NOTE: This is another canned post, but I’m leaving it be for now. Uploading pictures to this computer is too difficult, and I don’t want to spend more than 15 minutes. I’ll write a Convention Wrap-up tomorrow.

After a morning worship service, we’re leaving quickly from Hershey. Michele wants to get back to see her son play in a game. I want to get back because I can’t stop thinking about the Xbox game I’ve been addicted to. We should have a nice drive. The leaves are all turned and Pennsylvania is very tree-ish, what with being called “PennSYLVANIA” and all.

Today we’ll have a little free time. Then tomorrow is meetings at school. Then back to school on Thursday. Though we’ll be down in numbers. A two day week was like an invitation for families to take a week-long vacation. I don’t mind so much. Fewer kids means a quieter room. If only there was a way to get them all to take a vacation at the same time…

Not my picture but still pretty, eh?

For Lauren

Here’s something for my biggest fan.
I’ll try to do more when I finish my new unit in class.

Moviestar Ned
It’s Ned’s moviestar picture. He’s so glamorous!

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