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Max’s First Day

I went to Destyny Sphynx yesterday morning to get Max. Carole talked with me for a long time, showing me how Max was used to being cleaned and talking about food and litter options. She gave me a ton of stuff to get started: Three cans of food, a bag of frozen meat, some toys, a baby blanket, and all kinds of papers. I love how knowledgeable she was. I would highly recommend her to anyone. By the way, she has a one-year-old sphynx named Luke she’s trying to find a home for at a greatly discounted price. If any of you out there in Bradaptationland were ever thinking of getting a hairless cat, here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He’s the sweetest, lovingest cat too.

Anyway, on to some pictures.

When I first brought Max into my house, he was sleeping, so I wrapped him up in a blanket and put him on the couch. He woke up and looked at me for a while.


I was hungry, so I got some cereal. As I was leaning forward on the couch to eat it, Max got in behind me and fell asleep.


He slept for hours! After waking, he played a lot. Here he his in a paper bag. He was meowing a lot. Mostly he chirps like a little bird. Will he grow out of that?


I was a little worried he wouldn’t remember where the litter box was, but once I showed him, he was fine. For now, it’s in my entryway. I’ll eventually move it downstairs.

He looks relieved!  Ha!

I mixed some of the meat-in-a-bag that Carole gave me with some canned food. He ate it with readily.

Mmm... raw meat...

After eating, he was ready to play again. He went wild on the couch. He was running back and forth across the top of the couch. Then he attacked the cushion buttons.

When I went to bed I brought him with me. He didn’t settle down for a long time. I didn’t really sleep very well at all. He is so stinkin’ hot! He feels like a space heater. I couldn’t get comfortable. I didn’t get much sleep last night. Good thing my plan for today was to stay in. I’m going to need a nap.

UPDATE: Hear his voice in this video:


  1. Aunt Beth

    Awwww. We love you Max. 😀

  2. Beth

    Mmmmm…cat food and raw beef…cat’s heaven!

    • Michele

      Yeah, I didn’t have to see THAT before breakfast, especially since Max’s bowl looks exactly like the bowl I use for MY cereal. (I think I’ll have a bagel today! I’m meeting Carol at Panera for coffee this morning thank goodness.)

      LOVE the second picture! It almost makes me want to call about Luke. Besides, some Oriole player named Luke Scott was the one I picked out to watch last night when I went to the game. Kim – you know what I mean – ha!

      • Kim

        Luke was a good choice to watch. 😉

  3. Deanne

    Oh, it sounds like a WONDERFUL first day! He’s precious!!!

  4. Kim

    His markings are sooo cute! And I am glad to see he manuvered the litter box without putting his head in poo.

    Hi Max!

  5. Carol

    What a cutie!! Picture #2 tops ’em all – nothin’ cuter ‘n a sleepin’ baby. Now, a few questions:

    1. While Max “slept for hours”, did you have to maintain your original upright position (so to speak) to keep from smooshing him against the back of your sofa?!

    2. Already we can judge Max’s character – a great keeper of secrets. How can we tell? The cat’s still in the bag! (sound of crickets while everyone thinks about that one…)

    3. The way that unique little box/tub thingy is built, it could double as an emergency potty for young nieces or nephews, too…hopefully not while Max needs it, of course. (I can honestly say I’ve never seen a litter box like this one…but sure seems to confine the litter well!)

    4. Not that there is a quarter for size anywhere in this series of snapshots, but this appears to be one heck of a ton of food for a little kitty tummy…and she assured you regular ingestion of raw meat won’t cause intestinal parasites, aggressive behavior, yadda, yadda, yadda?? Amazing…

    5. As much pleasure as Max seems to be getting out of your pillow cushions, you may never have to buy another cat toy! Another sofa perhaps, but never another cat toy!


  6. Michele

    BTW – how does Denis like Max? Come on Denis, post a comment and let us know what you think!

    • Denis

      Maks is a really cool catdog (a sphynxhuahua). So far, Brad managed to train him how to attack someone’s fingers, toes and earlobes.

      • Lauren

        That will come in handy when someone tries to sneak in and steal your Q-tips.

      • Michele

        Yeah Denis! Good to hear from you. I particularly like your unique spelling of Max’s name. Denis with one “n” … always walking on the wild side, huh??

        • Brad

          Denis is spelling it “M-A-K-S” because kitty’s baptized name will be Maksim, after my great-grandfather whose brother’s name was Ned. I still have to send the proper form in to the Cat People, but when I do, it will say Maksim.

        • Michele

          Well LA-TEE-DA and EXCUUUUSE ME! 🙂
          So when is the baptism?

  7. Lauren

    Yippee for Max!!! He is adorable!!

    That cat box’s lid is much more clever that I originally thought. I like the grooves on the top to catch bits from his feet.

    LOVE the video!! Post more of those. He’ll never be this little again. Unless you invent a shrink ray, and that would be awesome.

  8. Beth

    I think you need to create a category for Max. So I don’t have to go digging through all your journal posts to find pics.

    And then I think you need to tell your bossy sister to shut up.

  9. Peggy


    He is just TOO perfect!!!! The 2nd picture is award worthy!! How about copies of it for everyone so if we’re having a bad day, we can look at it …

    He’s AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!! Nice pick!!

    • Michele

      Yes – I could put that picture right next to my one of Beth’s disaster cake!

  10. Peggy

    BTW: Cool litterbox … it’s like his own private little bathroom. Maybe Lauren could make a little sink for it.

  11. Brad

    So when should the Maxwarming pary be? Can y’all just come over for lunch on Monday, or does anybody have anything going on then?

    • Deanne


      • Brad

        Sorry, Deanne. I didn’t mean to snub you. 🙁 I didn’t think you’d want to come all that way. It would be awesome if you guys could come visit.

        I was going to suggest Sunday, but didn’t know if that was too short notice. Plus I’m going to a bullroast I think, but I don’t know what time it is.

    • Kim

      Monday we are at Hershey Park.

      Tuesday Debbie is talking about a swim thing…could you coordinate with her?

      I don’t want to miss meeting Max!

    • Karla

      I’ll be working on Monday. Did you want to bring him over to my building instead?

      • Brad

        Hehe… Do they let animals in your building?

        • Karla

          In the old part of the building, yes. In the addition (that isn’t even moved into yet), no. But that’s because they’re trying to be hoity-toity about the new digs.

          Here’s the write-up on our website and pictures of the cake-topper: https://www.centier.com/aboutus/centrecrown.asp

          What an eyesore…. 🙁

        • Brad

          “Centier Centre”? hehe…

          So your building probably gets pretty good TV reception, huh?

        • Karla

          Oh, TV reception is the best! No need for cable in this building!
          I often wonder how much someone got paid to misspell Center.

        • Lauren

          That is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. You could hang laundry on it and save on your electric bills!

        • Karla

          We received a corporate campus protocol booklet. It says specifically that we are not allowed to feed birds from the outdoor dining room. It doesn’t say anything about hanging your laundry out to dry!

    • Peggy

      I’m good anytime.

    • Peggy

      Oops … I meant to put this here.

      I’m good anytime.

    • Michele

      Don’t you have a dentist appointment Monday?

  12. Deanne

    Oh, his little squeaky voice!

  13. kiwe

    I like his little squeaks and his big ears. He is super cute. I didn’t know that cats played tug-o-war. He must be supper smart. The only trick my cat does is sleep on her back, oh yeah, and drink out of the toilet.

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