Donut Monday

I’ve been bringing a dozen donuts to school every Monday this year. It makes Mondays more party-like, and I’m all for parties. Because of my acid stomach, I think I’ve only actually eaten a donut twice since Christmas. But I’m really having fun trying to figure out the kinds of donuts my co-workers like to eat.

It is clear that I must bring maple frosted each week. They are the first to go. Anything with chocolate is also enjoyed. I haven’t brought many jelly donuts. They have powdered sugar all over them and are so messy. Maybe people don’t care about that though. I have also tried some “exotic” flavors. Sour cream donuts are eaten pretty quickly, but butternut (one of my personal favorites) and toasted coconut are left untouched. I’ll have to throw in some other weird ones in the near future. Who would have thought maple would be the number one flavor?

Here was the score yesterday around 10am. By lunch they were all gone.
The heart is a Boston cream.

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  1. Carol says:

    [Now wait – even the lowly donut upsets your tummy? You poor boy! What wouldn’t then – cream of wheat?!]

    Yes, maple frosted rocks! I often think of a billboard sign seen in PA when OJ Simpson was on trial: the company name was Maple Donuts, and they had a promotion going a the time for complimentary orange juice when you bought a certain number of donuts. However, the huge “FREE OJ!” on the bulletin board was, I felt, poorly timed…

    God bless you for jump starting each of us every week with a high-carb “breakfast”! I am an equal opportunity donut consumer, by the way, but greatly prefer yeasty donuts to cakey ones, FYI. Thank you for always seeming to have far more yeasty ones in the box. Thank you for struggling some weeks to accurately communicate with the donut-box-packer-lady what you want inside that box despite her attempts to thwart you by “pretending” not to speak English. Just “thank you!”

  2. Lauren says:

    I always forget that cake donuts are an option at the bakery. For me, it’s yeast-raised or nothing. Mmmmmm…. dounut holes…..

    Do you think people actually prefer the maple, or are they just leaving the chocolate ones as a kindness to co-workers? “I love chocolate, but somebody probably likes it more….” (By the way, this donut-buying is a very nice thing that you do.)

  3. Karla says:

    With Fat Tuesday approaching, are you going to bring paczkis next week or the week after?

  4. Lloyd says:

    It looks to me like that last donut couldn’t hold on to his friends and is now falling off the cliff. I wonder what fate awaits him/her/piano.

  5. Beth says:

    I hate you just a little for posting pictures of Dunkin’ Donuts.

    Hello Salt. Meet wound.

  6. Michele says:

    I would be all over that toasted coconut donut if I were still there!

    I brought half a dozen of the Valentine Dunkin Donuts in to work today since we have a few clients coming in early. I don’t plan on having one though. I hope they are all gone before my midday snack attack comes! I don’t want to be tempted! I brought in a yogurt and granola bar for later, but the donuts look so much yummier!

  7. Peggy says:

    Brad, that is the nicest thing in the world to do for everyone! But I am shocked that anyone would eat maple over a chocolate covered boston cream. Who are these people?

    My new little piece of happiness on my way to work is that I have free XM radio for a few weeks. I have one station set to all 50’s music, & one set to all 60’s music. They sure had some snappy tunes in those decades and it really perks me up on my way in. I actually arrive awake! This was on this morning. Try to listen to it without moving. I had a real good seat dancing going on. Thank goodness all you really need is one hand to drive.

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