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Wheat Grass Juice in a Bottle

Happy Birthday to me! Yay! I’m 42 today, which is an awesome number. I am really looking forward to this age. As I’ve been saying to people: Getting older is so interesting. Besides all the weird and surprising things that happen to your body, there are amazing brain and personality things too. Bring it on!

Handbell practice was last night, and before going, I joined Peggy for some dinner. She gave me a hat that looks like pizza and a Superman PEZ dispenser and wheat grass juice in a bottle. Wheat grass juice! That’s on my list! I still want to try it fresh from one of those tree-hugger juice bars, but I can at least partially cross this item from the list.

The bottle was bigger than I would have guessed.

It tasted sort of grassy. Sort of like alfalfa smells. Sort of earthy. Sort of chalky. A little sweet (there were other fruit juices mixed in). I could drink this every day if I was on some sort of regimen. I wouldn’t choose to drink it every day though.


  1. Lauren

    Happy Birthday! Let’s hear it for interesting body changes! Peggy, that was so nice of you to get him wheat grass juice! (Whew, I’m tired from exclaiming so much.)

    So, did you have a ton of energy for handbells and the ringers couldn’t keep up?

    More importantly…… are those IKEA trays?

    • Brad

      Hehe… no, not IKEA. It was Mamma Luchia’s, an Italian restaurant not far from handbell practice. I had lasagne that was almost just a bowl of melted cheese. Mmm… it was so good and fatty. I could only eat a third of it.

      I didn’t feel a big boost of energy from the wheatgrass, but maybe it was the cheese that was holding me down.

    • Peggy

      I actually thought Brad was peppy-er at practice last night. He had an extra skip in his get along. Maybe it was just the excitement bubbling out anticipating today.

      And Brad looks awesome in the pizza hat. He was going to wear it when he went up to get his Italian food. I laugh everytime I think of that. I would have loved to have seen the reaction of the people behind the counter.

  2. Peggy

    Happy Birthday Brad!

    And instead of singing Happy Birthday to you, here is the Billboard number one song on the day of your birth.


    Hava gray tae!

    • Brad

      Haha! I just played this during study hall and one of the 9th grade girls started singing it.
      GIRL 1: You know this song? How do you know it?
      GIRL 2: How do you not know it?

  3. Auntie Linda


  4. Kristi

    Happy #42, Brad. Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us. Keep the medical updates coming. Things are getting interesting as we age.

  5. Carol

    [Note to self: next year’s cake should be animal-shaped and have Life Savers and jello in it somehow.]

    Glad you got to start celebrating the night before – maybe you can find a way to spread this out for the entire week! Oh, and thanks for the blizzards a few years back; good try today, but 3pm frozen precip doesn’t help all that much, does it? May you and Max have a snuggly TV – watching or Xbox-playing night of celebratory bliss. Go to bed at 8 pm and really celebrate the aging thing.

    –from one who herself knows how to party like she’s 65

  6. Elaine Royuk

    Happy Birthday dear son! Your birthday was on a Sunday and I wanted so badly for your Dad, who was playing the organ for church, to be able to take us to the hospital but Pastor Smith just kept preaching. His wife was dancing in the balcony, pointing at her watch and then at my tummy. We should have filmed it! We made it and at 3:16 P.M. you were born. Definately a “keeper”. Love you!

    • Kristi

      That is a GREAT story, Mrs. Royuk. Tell us some more “Brad” stories. Please, please, please.

      • Lauren

        3:16, eh? He could have been named John!

  7. Michele

    Happy Anniversary to me! Randy and I have been married 21 years today – that’s half your age!

  8. Karla

    Happy birthday Brad! Did you treat yourself to an app for your phone? 😉

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