Bagged and Tagged

I had to get to the bank before it closed yesterday, so I left school quickly. While I was at the bank, I got some cash. I’m still waiting for my ATM card from my Hawaiian bank, and I’m still waiting for a money transfer to put cash into my Maryland bank. I have no quick access to money right now. Ack!

Since I had a wad of cash, I stopped at the grocery store. Maui does not use plastic bags. They are outlawed. Safeway uses paper bags, but Lauren has sent me some of her collapsable-reuseable bags and I remembered to take one it. I was nervous that I would have trouble packing it, but the checker took it from me and packed it herself. She really knew what she was doing – she got everything in it.
This should keep me alive for another few days.

On my way home, I was surprised to pull up behind this car. Check out it’s tags:
I think they like the Huskers.

Ha! This was right near my apartment. I’ll have to look for them again and try to talk with them some time.

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3 Responses to Bagged and Tagged

  1. Lauren says:

    Hey! It’s your table! And a tablecloth and placemats! Looking pretty fancy there, Mr. Royuk.

    I’m glad about the Chicobag. 🙂 (We are still pretty plastic-bag oriented here, so I like to pack it myself, as it seems to stress out some checkers.) Looking in that bag, I see some soy milk. Is that a dietary change or a financial one? I would imagine milk is super-expensive. I am also curious about the dark green items. Avocados?

    – Lauren, who is nosy about your groceries (and not exactly a Husker. Shhhhh – don’t tell.)

    • Brad says:

      The people who brought the table also brought a tablecloth and placemats.

      The dark green things are cucumbers. I’ve been eating a lot of stuff out of boxes, so it was nice to get cucumbers, apples, and oranges. The soy milk is just for drinking. I’ve developed kind of a taste for it. It has not replaced milk though. Soy milk is more expensive.

  2. Peggy says:

    Thank goodness Lauren sent you those bags….to keep you legal and all.

    Speaking of legal… you got a wad of cash while you were at the bank….I’m assuming you didn’t just help yourself, right?

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