Shopping Spree

I gave the message in church yesterday. HERE it is for the archive.

Saturday I decided I wanted some Spree candy. I went to the nearby CVS because it has a nice candy asile. They didn’t have it. I proceeded to walk to a Dollar Store, two convenience stores, and a grocery store. No Spree. I settled for Nerds.

Yesterday, I stopped at Royal Farms to get some chicken and fries for lunch, and I looked for Spree again. Surely they would have it – they had a huge candy aisle.

Such pretty colors...

Such pretty colors…

They didn’t have it. I got Sugar Babies instead.

Is this just some kind of weird coincidence? Is Spree being phased out of Baltimore? Is someone pranking me? What’s going on?

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  1. Lauren says:

    I seem to remember looking for Spree a couple of months ago at a gas station, but all they had were those tiny ones in a bag, and I think they might have been the chewy kind. (Sprees are great travel candy – one will last for miles.) I think this warrants an investigation. To Willy Wonka!

  2. Peggy says:

    Psst. I think I can hook you up. But knowing the demand, it’s gonna cost ‘ya.

    (Great title btw)

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