One of my favorite infrequent snacks is graham crackers with frosting. I’m sure whenever this was invented, the serving size was one graham cracker, but I usually eat a whole sleeve, or whatever I can use with however much frosting I made.

My usual frosting is powdered sugar with milk, vanilla, and a little butter. It’s super sweet. Yum!

Last night I had graham crackers but no powdered sugar, so I went looking on the internet for a frosting recipe that uses granulated sugar. I found one HERE. I actually made it:

The frosting was pretty good, but it was not the same. I only ate a few graham crackers before I decided I would just stop.

I need to get some powdered sugar.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That there looks like dunkin’ frosting. Wow! I just looked at the recipe – you cooked milk and flour first? Cool.

    Is that a wine glass for your milk? You’re getting mighty fancy on your island!

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