Back in Circulation

The afternoon sun beats down on my apartment pretty hard. By the time evening comes, the roof has absorbed a lot of heat, and radiates it into the ceiling.

My air conditioner does a good job of cooling off my apartment, but it takes a while for the cool air to get from the front room to the back room. For a while, I had a two-fan system to deliver the cool air to my bedroom.

When my classroom air conditioner broke, I took my fans to school and my system got messed up. It’s been ok until recently, when it’s started to warm up for the summer. Yesterday I got things back in place. My bedroom is much cooler now.

Gus doesn't like the cool air as much as I do.

Gus doesn’t like the cool air as much as I do.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I like your system – very clever.

    Maybe sometime under the stealth of night, you could switch apartments with your downstairs neighbors. It would take a bit of magic, but imagine their surprise! 😀

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