I have potted ti plants on my lanai. I really like them, but they have gotten to be really overgrown. I decided I’d chop them. People do it to their ti plants all the time – you just cut them down to a stump, and they grow new heads.

BEFORE (The pot on the left is before. I forgot to take a ‘before’ of the pot on the right)


Ti cuttings root really easily, so I stuck the chopped-off tops in a bowl of water. After a while, they will have roots, and I can plant them properly.

I was also curious about something I’ve seen in tourist shops: they sell a small piece of ti stem, and say you can just lay it horizontally on some dirt, and it will grow. I chopped some stem pieces and I’m giving it a try:

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One Response to Mult-TI-plying

  1. Lauren says:

    Hey, if you sell those to tourists, you’ve got yourself a little side racket!

    Great title, by the way. I don’t comment enough how funny those are. 🙂

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