It was a day for amazement yesterday.

In the morning, we went to Walmart to get a few things. There were flip-flops there that were in sale for ten cents! It was crazy! I didn’t need any flip-flops, but I almost bought all of them, because they were so crazy cheap!

Went to Runza for lunch. It’s a local fast food chain. I like their cheeseburgers, but got a salad because I haven’t been eating very healthily lately. I ordered a medium drink. It was so reasonably sized! It was not a 72 ounce cup that they called medium. It was an actual smaller-sized cup. Incredible!

In the evening, we gathered at my mom’s house for pizza. My mom had wanted to get an extended family text group set up. Alicia did it while we were there. While setting it up, we accidentally did a Group FaceTime. I didn’t even know you could do that! It was so cool!

I didn’t get a picture of that, so here’s some pickled herring with pizza and a pretzel:

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2 Responses to Astounding

  1. Lauren says:


    I love our Runza. A kid’s Runza meal with fringe and a lemonade, preceded by a twist cone: that is heaven right there. Mmmmmm……Runza…….

  2. Debbie says:

    10 cent flops? I didn’t think anything was 10 cents anymore? You could have bought them and sold them on the street for a $1 when you got home and made some flower money! A real medium cup, what? That should be in a museum! Mmmmm pizza!

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