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Goodbye, Ken

I’ve really gone a long time between haircuts this time. It’s because Ken, my regular haircut guy, has moved to a new location. He’s gone from the Hair Cuttery to Bubbles. It’s in the same mall, but costs twice as … Continue reading

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Cutting Rosebushes, Hair

Yesterday morning I decided to get rid of the roses that fence in my back yard. They’re stunning for two or three weeks in the spring, then look like scraggly dead sticks the rest of the year. Besides that, I … Continue reading

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Front and Back

I spent most of the day at school yesterday, even though we were off. I wanted to make seating charts for all my classes because the kids seem to settle in better when they aren’t allowed to sit wherever they … Continue reading

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Peggle Grand Master

My “Game of the Summer” this year has been a PC game called Peggle. You can play a free version of it HERE. I paid for the expanded version that has lots of levels and more special powers. It was … Continue reading

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Some Errands

Yesterday I went out to do some errands because after today, I’ll be staying in for a few days and bonding with Max. I started by taking the cash out of my “cat box” and taking it to the bank. … Continue reading

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