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I have an aversion to automatic car washes that have spinning brushes in them because years ago, one of those places broke off my radio antenna. In Baltimore, I there was a brushless carwash that I frequented. In Maui, there was no such place.

I have found one here! It’s not too far from my house, so it should be pretty easy to visit every once in a while. I went yesterday.

And then last night it rained. Heh.

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Garden Center Delight

Yesterday morning I went to what has become my favorite garden center. Last time I went, I couldn’t go outside because it was raining. I did end up getting some delightful miniature violets though.

This time, I did go outside! Yay! It was beautiful and energizing.

I saw a lot of things I might like to have in my garden in the future. I have to wait though. I need to take out the old plants before I can start new again.

Stopping at the Store

There’s a big store next to my school that I thought was maybe a grocery store. “Smart and Final”? Was it maybe a dollar store?

I stopped after school, and it was a grocery store. Kind of an Aldi-type place – groceries still in their shipping boxes, some brands I haven’t seen before…

They did have a nice produce section. I got some eggplant. I fried it. Yum!

On the List

I made a deposit, and I’m on the list for a new sphynx cat! Yay!

I contacted several nearby catteries, and the one that seems to match my schedule best is Dare2B-Bare! Sphynx in San Diego. I want to bring my new cat home in August. That will be after my summer travels, and before school starts.

For now, I’m on the list at spot number 5. If my turn comes too early, I can decline, and I’ll move up to number 1 (unless someone who is current 1 through 4 declines, then they’ll be ahead of me.

The owner of the cattery sent me a bunch of pictures of past kittens. They are all adorable. She has a bunch of different colors, so I don’t know what will be available. I guess we’ll see in August…

Then and Now

Here’s a crazy coincidence – I was looking at old posts on Bradaptation yesterday, and stumbled across THIS ONE. It’s from exactly four years ago today. It talks about this crazy new match-three game I had started playing.

I’m still playing it. A lot. Four years later. Is that a testament to my determination? …or is it a shameful monument to wasted time?

I blame covid. My phone time got so much worse during the lockdown period. I’ve never really recovered.

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