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New Food

I’ve been doing some schoolwork during the day the last couple of days. I’m so proud of myself! But that isn’t very exciting, so instead I will talk about dinner yesterday.

Denis loves to go to a Persian restaurant, and he wanted me to taste the food there. We got carryout.

I’m not exactly sure what we got, but it was delicious! And it was new food for me. I love new food! I especially loved the yogurt sauce that came with it. At the gyro places in Baltimore, it was called Tzatziki. I’m not sure if that’s what this restaurant called it, but it doesn’t really matter. It was great!

2 responses to “New Food”

  1. Lauren says:

    So, I’m looking at a couple of solid kebab-type meats on a giant flatbread with roasted tomatoes? Sign me up! Yum!

    Good for you for doing school work, too! That is awesome!

  2. Carol says:

    Did you ever eat at the Orchard Somethingortheother, a Persian restaurant off Joppa Road in Towson? They had a buffet every Sunday (at least) where you could try exotic things in small amounts in case you were not enamored of them, but most were mild and went down well (says she who doesn’t do spicy, slimy, rubbery, etc,). My favorite there: Cardamon hot tea. Wish I could find a place to buy that without chi in it (which really changes the flavor, unfortunately). Think it might be time to go back there now…

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Birthday Fun

Yesterday was the birthday party of one of Denis’ friends. We were in charge of picking up the lechon (the roast pig), so we showed up a little early. It was so fun arriving in the friend’s neighborhood, because all the streets were named women’s “S” names.

The party was fun. And of course there was delicious Filipino food.

Leaving the neighborhood was more fun. As we left the area with women’s “S” names, we encountered a whole section of state name streets that were crossed by streets named after days of the week. Ha!

On the drive back, the western sky was glowing pink. It was beautiful. My camera didn’t do it justice.

Much Excitement

It was the weekend yesterday. Denis didn’t work, and we went out shopping! Woo hoo!

While we were out, we saw this window sticker:

It was people from Hawaii! This is part of a Christian movement among native Hawaiians called “Aloha ke Akua” (the love of God). The sticker means “He is greater than I”. It was so fun to see it here!

One of our stops was a garden center. It was amazing! All I ever get to see on Maui is Home Depot and Lowe’s. The selection was huge!

Denis needed a new table for his kitchen, so we also went to IKEA. Wow!

But the most exciting thing yesterday was that I got new teacher shoes. My feet have been feeling a little more tired this year. My trainer was really recommending some more supportive shoes. I went to a place where they did a walking analysis and foot mapping. I got new shoes and insoles. They are so comfortable! I think these will be really great for teaching!

Plants from the Past

I did some things yesterday! Yay! I mean, I laid around a lot too, but I did at least do SOMEthing.

I forgot to pack my vitamins, so I walked to CVS to get some new ones. While walking, I spotted a magnolia tree. As I walked to see it more closely, I could smell the scent of the flowers. It was amazing.

This scent is linked to memories of days at after-school care in the old house by our grade school. There was a magnolia tree there. My mom ran the after-school program – three hours of daycare after teaching a full day of school. It must’ve been exhausting for her. But it seems like memories of happy times for me, because when I smell magnolia blossoms, I remember happy days.

On my walk back to the condo, I spotted a plant indigenous to Hawaii. That is, a plant that was naturally occurring there, but is also found in other places. It’s an ancient fern-like plant. In Hawaii, it’s called a Moa plant. “Moa” means chicken. The plant can look a little bit like a cockscomb.

Anyway, I was excited to be able to recognize it. The project I’ve been working on at school has increased my gardening powers.

Lazy LA Day

Yesterday was a day of rest. I spent much of it on the couch mindlessly playing my phone games and watching tv. It was awesome.

In the afternoon, Denis had to return something to the mall, so I went along. I thought I’d see lots of mask-less people, but everyone was still masked. Still, it was fun to see crowds of people and to do a little window shopping.

Maybe today I should do some walking or get going on the school projects I brought with me…

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