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Colorful Clothing

At school, I dress differently than I used to in Baltimore. Of course there is the wearing-shorts thing, but besides that, I wear brighter colors than I ever did. I used to wear mostly grays and blues.

I don’t know if it’s that I’m in Hawaii now, and people here tend to dress more brightly, or if it’s that I miss some of my crazy bright ties, and this is how I compensate.

Some of the combinations make me give nicknames to what I wear. This combination is called the watermelon. Ha!

2 responses to “Colorful Clothing”

  1. Lauren says:

    Watermelon is spot-on! So fun!

    I appreciate that you have a banana for scale. 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    Where is Brad and what have you done with him??!!

    Actually, watermelon is an apt descriptor. Now I am eager to see Granny Smith apple, ripe banana, seedless grape, mango, and the remainder of the fruit line. 😉

    Good for you, wearing brighter togs – I imagine when the sun is more present and the temps higher, it’s easier to show one’s contentment on the outside that way, eh?

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Book of Questions

Years ago, y cousin Marcia had our Grandma Royuk fill out a booklet that asked a bunch of questions about her life. Marcia recently made copies of the booklet and gave us all one.

I read it a couple of days ago. It was really fascinating. It made me think that maybe I should write down some stuff before I completely forget everything… but I guess that’s what this website is for.

One of the questions and answers in my grandma’s book made me laugh out loud:

Ha! I don’t remember her ever being angry either. She was so soft-spoken.

Light Lunch

I don’t know what to eat for lunch at school anymore. I’ve been eating sandwiches. I liked that they were quick to make and quick to eat. But I’m tired of them. We have a snack time, and I’ve always brought peanuts for that. Yesterday I just ate more peanuts for lunch.

After school I was really low on energy though. And hungry. I was craving sushi, so I went to the conveyor belt sushi place – Genki Sushi. It’s not the fanciest sushi place, but I like it. I had a lot of salmon sushi, then some stuffed mushroom caps, then some more salmon. I was full when I was done.

Loving Lessons

Yesterday was a grading day, as usual. But not as usual, the grading didn’t take much time at all, because last week was a short week. Yay!

I stayed at school after grading, and did some lesson planning and other assorted paperwork and computer work. I really enjoy writing lessons. I’ve invented and adapted a lot of stuff for Religion and Language Arts, and have whole curriculums now. It’s nice to be older – I’ve had a lot of years to develop this stuff.

I got home with plenty of daylight to spare. I spent a little time out on my lanai. It’s cooler these days – only getting into the seventies during the day. Nice!

My hibiscus plants are blooming. Both are orange. One of them is solid orange with big flowers. The other one looks like this:

Decoration Day

I put up my Christmas decorations! Yay!

There are only a couple of things I do – I hang some icicle lights outside, and I put up a tiny tree.

The tree is easy, because I just put it away fully decorated. I did have to clean off the counter top though:

The icicle lights are easy too, because there are permanent nails I just hang them from. But they weren’t easy this year, because my shelving outside had gotten messy, and leaves and dirt had gathered underneath, making access to the plug difficult. So I cleaned up and re-arranged my shelves first:

Then I hung the lights:

The wires are white so they look snow-like. The lights are blue because I just like that color.

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