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Back to the Box

I returned something to Amazon for the first time ever. It was actually pretty easy. They give you a label, you print it, stick it to the box, and take it to a UPS place.

It was a wireless earbud for my phone. It did a good job cancelling out my air conditioner noise for the people I as talking to, but the speaker was so distorted and static-filled, I couldn’t hear them. Dang. Maybe I’ll try again.

2 responses to “Back to the Box”

  1. Lauren says:

    Dang. Maybe a different kind will work? My brother wears hearing aids and they connect to his phone via Bluetooth. It was freaky watching him have a conversation with no-one.

  2. Kristi says:

    Amazon gives us the option of a return code. I like it. We take the unboxed item to the UPS store and get the return code scanned. Then UPS returns a whole bunch of Amazon items in fewer boxes. This saves shipping for Amazon, and those savings SHOULD be passed along to me, the customer.

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Work and Rest

Yesterday was my usual Sunday Grade Day. It took me longer than usual, because I fell asleep for a while. I haven’t been sleeping very well at night. I keep having really vivid dreams that make me tired when wake up.

At least I finished grading before dark. I grocery-shopped a little, then headed home. I’m sort of wound up when I get home on Sundays, so I watch some TV to relax.

It’s nice, but when 8pm rolls around, it’s time to get ready for bed.

Saturday Showtime

Yesterday I had a day of leisure entertainment. I watched the new Marvel movie.

It was the first movie I’ve seen here since the pandemic started. It was so much more immersive than watching tv. Whenever there was some kind of emotion in the movie, my eyes would leak. Fortunately, with social distancing, no one was sitting near me, so I could feel emotions in privacy.

Can Conundrum

I’m switching over to non-flavored coffee in my classroom. And, looking for something that helps my stomach feel better, I’m trying medium-roast coffees. One of my new possibilities comes in a can, so now I will have empty coffee cans periodically. I’m not sure what to do with them.

A Bag of Dinner

I seem to be writing about food a lot lately.

When I was getting wheat from the tree-hugger grocery store, something in the checkout line caught my eye – a bag of chips that was being advertised as a complete meal.

I had to get it of course. It’s made of rice flour and includes pea protein and various vitamins and minerals.

They taste pretty good. A little like Cheetos, but with less intense flavor. I ate the whole bag. It was filling. In fact, it made my stomach feel a little bloated at first. But there weren’t any lasting gastrointestinal effects.

I think I might eat this again. There are definitely nights where I really don’t care what I eat, as long as it makes me stop being hungry, and as long as it keeps me alive.

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