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Before and After

It was a nice Thanksgiving Day yesterday. I made a basic Thanksgiving meal – turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and cranberry relish. I like to make a lot of food each year because I can make frozen dinners with the leftovers. Mmmm…

While I was waiting for the turkey to cook, I replaced the medicine cabinet in my hallway bathroom. The old cabinet had lost its ability to stay closed, so I wanted to replace it. I haven’t replaced a medicine cabinet before, but it was surprisingly easy. Take the screws out of the old one, remove it, put the new one in, put new screws in. Behold:

And since I’m doing “before” and “after” shots, here is my turkey:

3 responses to “Before and After”

  1. Carol says:

    Still can’t help but see Ned (or was it Gus?) whenever I see a photo of a raw turkey in a pan…

    Sounds like you made the most of your Thanksgiving Day, Brad. No mention of parade or football game watching, though – even better IMHO!


    • Brad says:

      I watched the sequel to “A Christmas Story”. Did you know there was one? It has almost all the original actors. It was so interesting.

  2. Lauren says:

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy – you knocked that out of the park! I should say ‘those’! Both projects look fantastic!

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Doctor Destination

Happy Thanksgiving! Yay!

Yesterday was a day off. I spent most of it just resting. The conference was more tiring than I thought.

In the afternoon, I went to the doctors office. I’ve been trying to establish myself as a patient with all the various medical care people – vision, dental, primary care doctor. It’s exhausting. Anyway, yesterday I went to get some baseline blood tests done. I also wanted to get some vaccinations.

The medical care facility I went to is huge. There are several buildings on one property. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find anything. Fortunately, I parked near the blood draw place, which was also the pharmacy place. I got my blood tests AND my cholesterol medicine. Nice!

But when it was time for the walk-in vaccinations, I wasn’t so lucky. The lengthy blood and pharmacy times (and my delay in starting the whole thing) meant I was too late for the vaccine people. Darn. I’ll have to do that another day…

All the buildings in this picture are part of the same complex.

Friend’s Friends

The conference ended yesterday morning. What a great experience! There was lots of good discussion and Bible study, but also lots of really good fellowship with teaching ministers.

Megan from Maui asked me if I could give a ride to some of her friends from Oahu. They needed to fly out of LAX, which is close to my house. I said yes. Their names were Elizabeth and Morgan.

It was really fun to talk with them in the car. We shared our stories with each other and talked about teaching and laughed a lot. I loved getting to know them, and next year, I’ll already know two more people at the conference.

I only took one picture yesterday. It was a sign next to a road that said it was a toll. Somehow I got on a toll road? It said I was supposed to sign in to a website and pay “to avoid penalty”. Yikes! I signed in and paid last night.

Session Day

Yesterday was the main conference day. We started the morning with a bible study. The speaker was very dynamic.

Then we went to various breakout sessions.

In the afternoon, I went to the vendor booths. The Concordia Seward booth was particularly fun because I got free stuff for being an alumnus.

One session I went to was really for administrators, but it was fascinating for me to listen in as they discussed school identity. I also enjoyed a session that was just school music people sitting in a circle and chatting. Very fun.

In the evening, we had the formal banquet. My school took up one and a half tables. The other half of the one table was used by my old school from Maui! Ha! So fun to sit with my old friends and my new friends.

Also, the food was delicious.


I’m at our Lutheran Educator Conference right now. Yay! It’s so fun to be here!

The conference is in San Diego, which is south of LA. It’s about the south-est you can get in California. I drove down. It was a beautiful drive.

The conference is in a Hilton. It’s big and beautiful

The view from my room is amazing

All we’ve done so far is opening worship.

I’m excited for today’s workshops though. So fun to be with other Lutheran teachers. …including my old co-workers from Maui!

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