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Key Conundrum

I have had two open houses for my condo so far, and will continue to have showings this week. There is one scheduled for today while I’m at school.

It’s been challenging to live like this. There are some staging materials here and there, and I don’t want to mess them up. I also have a lot of things not in their regular places. One of those things is my keys. They usually sit in a bowl on the stand by my tv. There are knick-knacks there now, so my keys just sit on the counter. It’s unsettling.

I will put the dishes away before I leave for school.

2 responses to “Key Conundrum”

  1. Lauren says:

    It’s like forced tidiness, which doesn’t sound very nice.

    People are going to be in your house while you’re not there – it’s kind of like Santa. Maybe they’ll leave a present? 😀

  2. Lloyd says:

    How can you live like that. The humanity!?!

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Shopping Speculations

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and almost got a new box of press and seal stuff for my kitchen. I was congratulating myself on remembering that I was almost out, but then I thought to myself, if I got a new box, I would have one more thing to pack (or get rid of) before I left.

It’s starting to occur to me that I’m not going to be here on Maui much longer. It surprised me that such a small thing would bring home that fact to me.

Canceled Choir

We were supposed to have a middle school music concert last night, but it got canceled. Too many people out sick, including the band director. Three of my handbell players weren’t at school yesterday, so playing any of our handbell pieces would have been difficult.

It’s my fifth year, so for choir I have pulled out the pieces I had done my first year here, because none of these kids would know them. These are tried-and-true pieces that are easy to learn, fun to sing, and please the audience.

We’re still going to try to do something this coming week… maybe a recording or something to share with parents over social media.

Fishy Fires

We’ve had some brush fires here lately. It reminds me a little of the summer of 2019, when there seemed to be a fire every week. This hasn’t been as long of a stint, but there have been several fires all at once. Honestly, it seems a little suspicious if you ask me.

Yesterday’s fire closed the highway between Kahului and Kihei for a short while, but by the time I was heading home, it was open again. Hopefully we’re done with fires for a little while.

Pillow Positions

Because I’m in the middle of open houses for my condo, I’m not using my regular couch accoutrements. I like to lie down on the couch, so I need something to lean against. A long time ago, I got one of those pillow thingies with arms, but it doesn’t fit very well onto the couch. The one arm takes up couch space:

But then I was struck with inspiration – I turned the pillow upside down and backward. Perfect fit!

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