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Alton Hair

After only having just a little hair cut off last time, I really needed to get a haircut again. I decided to go back to Ning, but this time I was going to take some pictures with me, so I did another search for Alton Brown pictures. I found some really good ones on a blog site called The Big Benford Show. This woman has been to an Alton event and took really good pictures of his hair. I printed some to show Ning. I printed an especially large version of THIS one, because I think it shows his style the best.

But Ning wasn’t there.

Instead, I was seated in the chair of Ken. I showed him the pictures and he said, “That’s a really good idea.” Then he got to work. It’s shorter than it has been in a while, but it does look like the pictures of Alton. Good job, Ken!

The man. The legend.


  1. Deanne

    WOW! That’s called serendipity!

  2. Lauren

    You really nailed the expression! Now, cook something sciencey for us!

  3. Lloyd

    You should take that picture to a plastic surgeon and point out Alton Brown’s chin. Then take it to a banker (Karla maybe) and point out Alton Brown’s multi-million dollar food empire.

    • Lauren

      I should take you to a person with good manners….

    • Karla

      I’m more than happy to help you out with that. 🙂

  4. Beth

    YAY for shorter hair!! But when you go to that plastic surgeon…keep your nose. Alton’s is weird looking.

  5. Kim

    Better let Alton know he needs to grow a zit on the side of his head-and a wart on his finger if he too wants to be legend.

    • Brad

      Zit? I don’t know wart you’re talking about. That must be an irregularity in the digital image.

  6. Peggy

    And remember:

    “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die!”

    Now that was a great movie!

    Good job Ken ! I say keep the hippy hair.

    • Brad

      Is that a quote from “Batman Begins”? I just watched part of it last night, and Ras Al Ghoul says something like that to him.

      • Kim

        ras al ghoul sez what?

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