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Water, Water Everywhere

I get indigestion every time I come to Seward. I’ve been studying the problem to discover the source of my stomach problems, and haven’t come to any solid conclusions.

As I talked the problem over with Beth, she suggested that my problem might be the water. In the past, Seward water had such high nitrate levels it was ruled to be unsafe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and small children. After a multi-million dollar treatment plant, Seward water is “safe” now. But Beth says when she drinks it, she has indigestion followed by other unpleasant symptoms. Guessing that my digestion problems might stem from a similar source, I’m switching to distilled water for the duration of my stay.

If this doesn’t stop the indigestion, I’ll have to address other variables. My problem now is the extremely flat taste of distilled water. It needs something to give it a little flavor. Salt? Dirt? I’ll need to conduct a series of taste tests to determine the best additive.

What to add?


  1. Lauren

    I’m sorry that we make you sick to your stomach. I think it might be all this fresh Nebraska air – you’re missing the pollution and government interference that is so rich in Baltimore air.

  2. Kim

    It is not the water-it is the fact that you are drinking out of clean cups!

  3. Karla

    Why are you drinking distilled water? Why not just some good old fashioned bottled water? They sell Ice Mountain for a good price at Sams. I would think the solution would be to drink something other than Seward water, not specifically distilled water.

    • Lloyd

      That’s no good, Ice Mountain is bottled here in Seward. “Fortified with extra minerals”

    • Brad

      The pile of plastic bottles a case of bottled water would generate is not allowed in this house. A local company does this distilled water jug thing and the jugs are reused.

      • Lauren

        Ok, guilt has set in. Drink whatever you like as long as your stomach will feel better! Drink from unrecyclable plastics, drink from unrecyclable metals, drink from rabbit skins! Just drink and be well!! (I ought to write that down – it would be a great wedding toast…)

      • Karla

        You don’t have to buy the 12, 16 or 20 oz bottles. They sell it by the jug too, so you can buy a big jug and drink many, many glassfuls from them – washable glasses.

  4. Annette

    Did you stage those cookies for the photo?

    • Brad

      Only a great strength of will has kept a few of those cookies on the counter.

    • Peggy

      Yea Lauren … Brad says you make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world! Soooo, could you send some home with him so us Baltimorians could give them a try?

      • Deanne

        and then I would like Brad to invite the Marino family for a visit so that we could try, too. Perhaps we could stage a party at his house… it seems like it would be a good venue.

        • kiwe

          UPS delivers to California. You could send some to me while you’re baking for everyone else.

  5. Peggy


    But if you insist on being risky, I’d try throwing a rusty nail in the water … I’m pretty sure that’s what your system is craving.

    • Carol

      Good one, Peggy – I was just going to say all that doom-and-gloom stuff about ingesting distilled water. Distilled water used to be just for the steam iron, but even they take tap water now. Maybe if you make sure you always mix something into it, though, like Gatorade or KoolAid or Lemonade – that might compensate for all the stuff missing…sort of like unleaded gasoline, I guess…

  6. Peggy

    Hey—why don’t I show up?

  7. Peggy

    Where’s my other comment?

    • Brad

      It got filtered out. I think the link you included made the software think it was spam.

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